10 Key Hires Your Company Needs Now

As we enter a new era of workplace trends and policy post shelter-in-place, many large companies have begun hiring for a few key positions required for the new normal of work. Many small and mid-size organizations are also making select key hires for certain locations. Here are several essential hires to consider while planning your organization’s return to the office.  

IMMEDIATE HIRES: These roles may not be around forever, but many large organizations are employing these positions to ensure a safe return to the office.  

1. Temperature Checkers 

Many companies are requiring employees to go through a wellness check before reentering the office, including a temperature check. Temperature Checkers are responsible for assessing and documenting the temperature of each individual entering the facility. This person will direct any individuals with elevated temperatures to a secondary location for further testing and allow individuals with normal temperatures into the facility.  

2. Contact Tracers 

Contract Tracers will be responsible for calling contacts of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 to help mitigate the spread of infection. This will be an important role in researching potential exposures and communicating isolation procedures with those impacted. While confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be reported to local officials, companies may need contact tracers to quickly and efficiently communicate with those exposed to prevent a potential outbreak.  


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