Q2 2023 Resources

Quarterly Workforce Pulse

Each quarter, LaSalle Network gathers data from more than 2,500 employed professionals to gauge their job satisfaction rates over time. We also collect data from business leaders on hiring plans and roadblocks. We compared today’s trends to the previous quarter in order to track changes within the hiring landscape and forecast potential challenges to come.  

What the Class of 2023 Wants

Looking for entry-level or temporary talent? 85% of this year's graduating class is open to temporary employment.

For the last eight years, LaSalle Network has surveyed each graduating class to hear what they want in their first job and company post-graduation. This year, we collected survey responses from more than 2,500 upcoming graduates to learn about their unique perspectives and desires, as well as identify hiring challenges to anticipate with entry-level recruiting. We have compiled this data, along with year-over-year comparisons, to help companies understand how to overcome these hiring challenges to attract, recruit and retain talent from this graduating class.  

Download both resources below.