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Job Search 101: How to Land Your First Job Post-Graduation ​

Just graduated, or heading towards graduation this spring? It can be hard to know where to start your job search. In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, LaSalle Network Senior Director, Michelle Talian,


Class of 2022: How to Stand Out in the Job Search

Getting application fatigue, or not sure how to even start job searching? For the last seven years, LaSalle Network has surveyed graduating classes to learn what they want in their first job and company


Military to the Civilian Workforce: Job-Search Tips for Veterans

A recent SHRM study reports that up to 90% of Veterans run into obstacles while seeking employment, whether immediately after their time in service or years down the line. LaSalle Veteran Network’s


2021 Graduates: Standing Out in a Recovering Workforce

Although this year’s graduating class is entering one of the strongest jobs markets we’ve seen in decades, and one that looks drastically different than what their predecessors graduated into last

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools on the market today. With the ability to share experience, skills and achievements with other professionals around

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How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Job hunting is a digital process, and social media is a tool both recruiters and candidates are using to find the right opportunities. Take these steps to make the most of your social media presence to