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WEBINAR: How to Attract Software Developers

In this 30-minute webinar, LaSalle Network Senior Director Kitty Brandtner, Director Paul Wallenberg, Senior Unit Manager, Technology Recruiting, Jim Halpin and Unit Manager, Technology Recruiting,


2021 Graduates: Standing Out in a Recovering Workforce

Although this year’s graduating class is entering one of the strongest jobs markets we’ve seen in decades, and one that looks drastically different than what their predecessors graduated into last

COVID Generation: Recruitment Expectation Index

Over the last six years, LaSalle Network has surveyed graduating classes to learn what they want in their first job and company post-graduation. As the Class of 2021 walks across the stage (or celebrates

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Guide to Veteran Hiring

Our newest white paper offers a one-stop-shop for companies to learn about the skills veterans bring to the table and how hiring them can benefit their company. [ninja_form id=88]

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Webinar Recording: Combating Bias in Hiring

Webinar Recording: Combating Bias in Hiring In 2021, diversity, equity and inclusion will remain a priority for organizations across the country. Employees will continue to demand change, building


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools on the market today. With the ability to share experience, skills and achievements with other professionals around

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What Technologists Want

We surveyed more than 4,000 technologists about what they want in a future company, what they're looking for in their benefits and how employers can retain the best. Download now for these insights and


What Accounting and Finance Professionals Want

We collected responses from 800 accounting and finance professionals about what they want in a future company, where they're looking for jobs and how employers can retain the best. Download now for these


6 Things to do in a New Hire's First Week

A candidate may have accepted the offer, but that doesn't mean they're fully invested. Their first week has a lot of influence on whether they decide to stay long term. Here are 6 things to do to set them


4 Secrets to Hiring the Best Sales People

Sales is the engine of your business. Here are insider secrets from our director of sales recruiting to hire the best.


What's Missing From Your Onboarding White Paper

While every company has its own way of welcoming new hires, truly successful on-boarding processes are often missing a crucial factor: they’re missing culture. Yet culture may be your biggest competitive

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