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Winners of LaSallemas Past

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In celebration of the start of LaSallemas, we want to take a look back at the memories of the past winners from our two big annual awards: Making it Happen and LaSallian of the Year.

LaSallian of the Year is awarded to the person who best represents what LaSalle Network is all about. They take pride in their work, they execute what their plan is and they scream from the roof tops to share with the world what we are creating at LaSalle.

Maddie Stough


2015 Winner Maddie Stough, Human Resources Senior Project Manager

I was shocked when my name was announced for LaSallian of the Year! I had my money on several others who I really admire and look up to at LaSalle. Tom announced my name and it was sort of a blur after that… Although I’ve never won the lottery or an Academy Award, I’d imagine that’s what it feels like!"





2014 Winner Ryan Chabus, Accounting Manager

"The best part about winning LaSallian of the Year was having no idea it was coming. I was absolutely taken back by the announcement and climbing up in front of the entire company was an unreal experience. It's something I will never forget."








2013 Winner Paul Wallenberg, Technology Services Team Lead

"Winning LaSallian of the Year came at a critical time for me personally. Two years before the night I won, I made a decision to change my life for the better and get sober, a decision that has lasted me to this day. However, I was in a place in 2013 where I didn't know if the decisions I made and the help that I got was generating the type of results that I wanted. So the most important part of winning LaSallian of the Year was the life-affirming satisfaction that others recognized in me a job well done, even though I felt like a work in progress. It's a moment I'll never forget and one that I call to mind anytime I need a healthy reminder of why I made the decision I made, and why I've stayed the course with my LaSalle Network family."


Making It Happen is awarded to a LaSallian who not only produced incredible results over the past year, but who ran through walls and broke down doors to do so. They were willing to do anything to accomplish their goals, and they pushed the needle for LaSalle.



2015 Winner Jessica Schaeffer, Director of Marketing

"This award reminds me yet again why I love this company. I love LaSalle because everyone from our newest hires to our most seasoned veterans are the most supportive and encouraging people I know. Everyone is unequivocally happy for one another, even though we were all competing for the same awards!"








2014 Winner Maureen Hoersten, Chief Revenue Officer

"Each celebration or award ceremony, you hope it will be you but never really think it will happen. When Tom started describing the person, I remember my heart dropping- trying to think if his words could be about anyone else! It's exhilarating, nerve racking, and so much fun to know that your hard work is recognized in such a special way."






2013 Winner Devan Neally, Director of  Call Center and Suburban Office Services

"The best part about winning the award was the recognition from leadership. It meant they believed in me and saw how my hard work impacted our business in a strong way. It was one of the BEST feelings EVER."