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What to Know about 2023’s Hiring Landscape

To view our latest report, 2023 Hiring Trends & Challenges, click here. 

We collected survey responses from more than 250 Finance, Operations and Human Resource executives on current hiring challenges and plans for the year ahead. The consensus? Despite some large companies like Meta, Goldman Sachs, Lyft and more laying off portions of their workforce, leaders are approaching 2023 with cautious optimism – and 84% reported they are still planning to add headcount in the coming year.  

In the seven years this survey has been conducted, this is the highest percentage of leaders reporting plans to add headcount. However, they are planning to modestly increase headcount, with the majority reporting plans to grow by 1-9% in 2023 (whereas in 2022 most companies planned to grow by more than 10%). Though candidates won’t see the volume of roles available that 2022 presented, growing companies will still be recruiting key skilled talent especially within Sales, Accounting/Finance, IT, Marketing and Customer Service roles, according to our research.  

One other trend to watch for in 2023? An increase in temporary roles. 65% of respondents stated their use of temporary employees would remain the same or increase in the year to come.  

We saw many businesses throughout 2022 over-hire only to then be forced to downsize or layoff portions of the workforce. Many leaders are focused on utilizing temporary hires in 2023 to pick up key roles left vacant by layoffs and to test if certain positions or skillsets are really needed before hiring for the role permanently. This is to help alleviate some of the costs of a full time hire and may help prevent over-hiring from happening again.  

Interested in more data on hiring trends? Learn more in our latest report. Download the full report here