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Types of Company Culture: Which One Do You Love?


Not every culture is right for everyone, so it’s important to find the one that’s best for you. Here are four types of culture (and there are a TON more!). Use this as a starting point to determine where you would fit best.



Mission-driven cultures are filled with employees passionate about a cause, supporting something greater than themselves.

types of company culture

Before applying to the company, you should be asking yourself if the mission resonates with you and if you're passionate about it.



These companies believe in breaking barriers and creating products that will change the world.

types of company culture


It’s the people willing to put in the long hours and sacrifice work-life balance to be on the forefront of “grueling” but “groundbreaking” work at a place like Amazon. Too often people who don’t fit the standards of an innovative company go to work there because of their reputation and name, not the culture.



A service-oriented culture goes the extra mile and does things other companies won’t to show commitment to their customers.

types of company culture


Are you patient, attentive, and have clear communication skills? Are you passionate about working with others? If so, this type of culture may be a good fit for you.



Are you self-motivated and enjoy autonomy? This type of culture prioritizes an employee’s independence.

types of company culture 2


These are only four of the countless types of cultures that exist, but they are a great starting point for figuring out the culture that’s right for you to grow and succeed.

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