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Top Supply Chain Management Publications for 2019

37% of all jobs in America revolve around supply chain, and the industry employs 44 million people, according to Harvard Business Review. Yet when most people receive their package from Amazon or grab food from Chipotle, they don’t think about how it gets there. Supply chain is an essential part of the economy and does more than most people realize to help companies flourish.

Despite being behind-the scenes, this backbone of business is rapidly evolving as technology booms. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to be informed and stay on top of industry trends. Here are five publications to help you advance your career and become a more well-rounded supply chain professional in 2019:

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Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

“Behind every product, there are supply chain management professionals making it possible to get your products better, faster and cheaper.”-CSCMP

CSCMP is the leading global association for supply chain management professionals. Its 9,000 members receive educational and networking opportunities to advance their careers and their businesses. CSCMP’s magazine, Supply Chain Quarterly, is filled with articles written by thought leaders, industry journalists and academics. Articles like “10 Technologies that will Reshape SCM Software” offer insight on emerging trends that can transform the way you manage your supply chain. 

 Supply Chain Digital

This digital magazine can provide you a daily dose of news, analyses and information in the industry. Topics in logistics, warehousing, SCM, technology and distribution house relevant and timely articles to help you become a more well-rounded supply chain professional. Whether you skim “Top 10 Cocoa Producing Countries” or delve into articles like “Using Technology to Build a Transparent Supply Chain Community,” this magazine delivers data-rich content in an entertaining way. All in all, this magazine will feed your hunger to learn and have you coming back for more.

Supply Chain Management Review

SCMR publishes valuable, in-depth and data driven content on the supply chain space. Mirroring Harvard Business Review, this publication features articles and studies by professors, industry analysts and supply chain experts. White papers like the 2018 Supply Chain Compensation and Career Survey Report feature findings to help fuel your brain on all things supply chain.

Transport Topics

For the latest logistics, transportation, trucking and freight news, Transport Topics is your go-to resource. This publication features trending topics, events and major developments relevant to the supply chain landscape. Trucking and transportation is their wheel-house, but journalists also write about technology, business and government insights. From white papers like “Building Blockchain Applications for the Transportation Industry” to podcasts to cartoons, Transport Topics has a diverse array of content to enhance your career.

Inbound Logistics

For news on logistics, supply chain and transportation, Inbound Logistics is a great resource. As a supply chain professional, it’s important to always be thinking three steps ahead, and this educational publication will help you do just that. Up-to-date blogs and articles on industry trends, such as “Better Together: How AI and Social Media Can Be a Supply Chain Manager’s Best Friend,” will help you positively impact today and tomorrow’s revenue and excel as a supply chain professional.

Bonus: Forbes

Forbes magazine reaches over 94 million people worldwide for a reason. If you’re in the business world, you have probably heard of this publication. But did you know it holds supply chain gold? Whether you’re looking for thought provoking research, news about advancements in technology or how businesses like Target and Campbell Soup navigate their supply chain challenges, Forbes has what you need to stay informed and elevate your supply chain game. Simply type in “supply chain” in the search bar to reveal industry relevant articles.

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