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Top Jobs of the Week

Today’s job seekers may have hit the labor market jackpot. With the unemployment rate at a low 3.8% and the number of jobs growing exponentially, there couldn’t be a better time to search for a new career. But not all jobs are created equal. We created a round-up of the hottest job’s we’re recruiting for this week to help kick-start your job search. The best part? There are open opportunities in each one! Click the links below to apply.

Public Relations Manager

Communicating a vision. Building relationships. Creating a team. Public relations managers have a hand in it all. Not only are they on the front lines of the creative work that comes with PR like editing press releases, launching strategic campaigns and maintaining a positive image for the brand, they’re also in charge of hiring team members and pitching stories that will lead the brand to success. Looking to get your creative juices and leadership skills flowing? A career in PR may be your calling. Apply today!

Data Scientist

The rise in technology continues to spark a flurry of new jobs and demand for skills in this field. If you are passionate, creative and have the technical knowledge to carry out new ideas with an analytical eye, data science might be right for you. Not only do data scientists have a passion for performing analysis and statistical discoveries, but they know programming languages like the back of their hand. Sound like you? Apply today!

Director of Human Resources

Ready to take your HR career to the next level? Great HR directors are transparent, strong and innovative. This role allows you to support and strengthen connections between coworkers that can not only boost company culture, but build bonds that make people excited to come to work. If you’re a leader with expertise in growing teams, spearheading recruiting strategies and retaining talent, we’ve got the role for you. Apply today!


Analyzers. Negotiators. Deal makers. These are the people who decide which products get to the shelves, clothes racks and aisles of stores. Also known as purchasing agents, they evaluate and research which products the company sells to its customers. Great buyers are also analytical decision makers. They’re able to forecast market trends and have a knack for numbers. If a career as a buyer is calling your name… Apply today!

Business Development Representative

Passionate about driving business growth, building relationships and crushing goals? A career as a business development representative may be right for you. These professionals create solutions for customers by thinking outside-the-box. They cultivate relationships that develop into long-lasting business partnerships. Truly great salespeople are hungry to learn, earn new business and elevate the brand. Looking to for an opportunity in this exciting, fast-paced role? Apply today!

Still searching for the right fit? We can help. Click here for more opportunities.