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Top Jobs in Nashville 2018

85 people move to Nashville, Tennessee daily. As home of the Country Music Hall of Fame and legendary live performers, you probably know it as the ultimate country music scene. But Music City has more than… well, music! Nashville is also bustling with new businesses, trendy shops and a dynamic food scene. The city has added 38,000 new jobs annually for the past five years, and was named one of the best places to live in America. Top jobs in Nashville aren't hard to find.

In short, job seekers have options. Are you craving a fresh start or seeking something new? Let this employee-driven market be the road map to your dream career. Pick up your resume, put on your cowboy boots and check out some of the top jobs in Nashville:


Healthcare will bring 3,000 new jobs to Nashville in 2018. As the population in the city grows, good healthcare becomes even more vital. But it’s not just about what happens inside the doctor’s examination room. In fact, most new healthcare jobs aren’t medical roles that involve treating and caring for patients directly.  Office management and administrative positions are imperative to the success of hospitals and doctor’s offices.

For instance, healthcare revenue cycle is the circulatory system of healthcare. It’s core to helping the practice run smoothly. Roles like medical billing, coding, collections and patient account representatives are in high demand.

Other roles ramping up in healthcare include physical therapists, nurse practitioners and physicians.


When you hear about tech hubs like Silicon Valley and San Francisco, “affordable” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Sunshine seekers are putting roots elsewhere for more affordable costs of living. Where are they headed? You guessed it, Nashville.

As more talent moves to Tennessee, entrepreneurs are taking advantage. They’re opening operations in Nashville for access to talent. Over the last several years, Nashville added thousands of tech jobs, including positions in systems design, data processing and engineering services. Software developers, software consultants, computer support specialists and IT consultants are also in high demand. In total, IT will add at least another 1,000 jobs in Nashville in 2018.

Administrative Services:

Over 3,000 positions will be added in administrative services in Nashville. As more corporations open offices in Nashville, jobs in office support and call center are critical.

Back-office is often the backbone of business. Hiring managers are seeking executive assistants, account managers, office managers, receptionists, customer service managers and representatives.


The hospitality industry fuels Nashville’s economic growth. A surplus of sunshine and live music makes Nashville a top spot to visit. Jobs in hotels, restaurants and at tourist attractions are in high demand.

In total, Hospitality is projected to add at least another in Nashville. Managers, servers, front desk assistants and accounting positions like bookkeepers will help tourism thrive.


The expanding population paves the way for Nashville shops to thrive.  These storefronts opening their doors in Music City lead to an increased need for store managers, retail associates, wholesale and retail buyers, sales representatives and marketing specialists.

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