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Top Jobs in 2018

The economy’s been eating its Wheaties. A strong forecast for 2018  is leading companies to ramp up hiring and add talent to their team. Here’s a glimpse at top jobs in 2018, according to LaSalle Network data and analyses by US News & World Report and LinkedIn.

Software developers/engineers:

  • Industry: Technology

  • Number of New Jobs: 253,400

  • Median Salary: $100,080

The exponential rise in technology sparks a flurry of new jobs and demand for skills in the industry. If you are passionate, creative and have the technical knowledge to carry out new ideas, software engineering may be right for you. These tech experts are the masterminds behind inventions we use every day. From alarms to new apps, software developers have a huge hand in engineering the technologies that shape our world.

Marketing Manager:

  • Industry: Sales/Marketing

  • Number of New Jobs: 136,000

  • Median Salary: $131,180

Marketing professionals play an integral role in the growth of organizations. Marketing managers represent the brand to take business to the next level. Through telling an engaging brand story, these professionals create value for their clients, customers and community. Steady job growth and a healthy market make this a top job in 2018 and beyond. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 10 percent job growth by 2026.

Sales Director:

  • Industry: Sales

  • Number of New Jobs: 28,400

  • Median Salary: 145,000

Setting goals, establishing territories and motivating team members are key responsibilities of sales directors. If you’re a leader, enjoy working with people and have a passion for perseverance, then you may have what it takes to excel in sales. Organizations require strong leaders to help them navigate the ins and outs of generating sales and boosting profits.

Financial Advisor:

  • Industry: Accounting and Finance

  • Number of New Jobs: 39,300

  • Median salary: 90,053

With projected job growth around 14% through 2026, it’s a great time to get into finance. These professionals meet with clients and coach them on things like budgeting, retirement plans and investments. The best financial advisors can teach and listen intently. They can break down complex ideas to simplified terms and demonstrate empathy for their clients. A Bachelor’s degree, background in finance and desire to help people are a few tools you’ll need to succeed as a financial advisor.

Information Security Analyst:

  • Industry: Technology

  • Number of New Jobs: 28,400

  • Median Salary: 92,600

These are the superheroes of cyberspace. Their job is to protect organizations’ computer systems and networks from harmful hackers. They’re the security guards and gatekeepers of information systems, and prevent or respond to cyber-attacks. As information becomes increasingly accessible online, it becomes even more critical to keep it safe. Health care, government and financial organizations rely heavily on security analytics to protect their valuable data. As cyber-attacks become more frequent, these protectors of all things digital are in high demand.

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