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Top 10 Career Blogs to Follow

career blogs to follow

Looking for career inspiration and advice? You're in luck! We've compiled a list of our favorite blogs that provide all the relevant career information you need.

Each of these blogs bring something different to the table, but no matter which one you read or follow, we hope you’ll learn something new!

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1. Work it Daily

Your daily dose of career confidence. Work it Daily wants readers to be in the know, connected, employable, and have a killer personal brand. The added bonus? They offer amazing free tools, including career-focused quizzes and resume critiques.

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2. The Muse Career Guidance

With a punchy tone and entertaining headlines, The Muse keeps us coming back every time. Its engaging imagery and colorful layout will make you want to read every post, from 7 Books All Great Leaders Should Read to 20 Companies That Are as Cool as Apple.

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3. Lauren Berger Inc.

Early-on in your career? Trying to establish yourself in a new company? Learn from the career and internship expert, Lauren Berger. Her blog is all about finding the right spot in a company and perfecting your work, with topics like: How to Prepare for Your First Big Job Interview and 9 Things You Can Do Better At Work Today.

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4. Career Builder Advice

Need a lighter take on career advice? Career Builder is the perfect blend of informational content with a dash of humor. The site has a huge database of information and is regularly publishing analytical job reports. Use their handy search bar to find specific content on a career topic, industry, or job level… but don’t be surprised if you’re laughing along the way.

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5. Monster Career Advice

Monster is one of the most visited employment websites in the WORLD. They know whose hiring, what online courses people are taking, and what skills employers are currently after. Their easy-to-use career page is split up by category (like: interviews, salary, workplace, professional development, etc.) so you’ll find what you’re looking for fast.

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6. Glassdoor blog

Go behind the scenes with Glassdoor's insider information from companies AND candidates. They use the knowledge they’ve gained from company reviews to get a pulse on not only the best salaries and benefits, but on what companies and candidates really want: from game-changing skills on a resume to handling work-life balance.

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7. Forbes Careers

Get career advice from top influencers around the world. David Sturt, Todd Nordstrom, Carmine Gallo and Laura Begley are just a few of the Forbes contributors that make this blog worth the morning read. With all these different voices contributing, you will get a wide arrange of experiences and never have a one-sided story.

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8. Mashable Career Advice

Mashable pulls career coverage from all over the internet to share what everyone is reading. It’s a great place to go in the morning if you only have time to check one site to scan through the best-practiced tips and tricks to use in the workplace.




9. The Wall Street Journal Career News

The ultimate resource on business in the career world. The WSJ blog is all facts with current news on diversity, company rules and regulations, and drugs in the workplace. It will keep in-the-know with what’s happening that could affect your workplace… and make you a more-rounded individual when talking to coworkers! True to form, WSJ is chalk full of relevant news for the business-minded. If you’re job-searching or just starting out in a career, this is not the site for you.

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10. Business Insider Careers

We love BI for its coverage on real people and real circumstances. This down-to-earth blog shares unique insights from top reporters and industry leaders that will give you a fresh perspective to use in your everyday life. If you like listicles (4 Tips For, 7 Reasons Why…) this is a perfect spot for you.

Tell us what your favorite career blogs are in the comment section below!