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Top Accounting Jobs for 2019

With 20,000 jobs created last month and the unemployment rate at a low 3.8 percent, there’s plenty of opportunity for accounting and finance professionals to find a career that aligns with their goals and skill-sets. But where should you start? Here’s a glimpse at some of the top jobs for the year ahead, according to analyses by US News & World Report and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Ready to kick-off your job search with the best accounting and finance jobs in the U.S.? Click the links below for opportunities:


Number of Jobs: 139,900

With projected job growth around 10% through 2026, it’s a great time to get into accounting. These professionals have more than a knack for numbers; they’re handling money and thinking analytically on a day-to-day basis. From performing audits to consulting corporations, internal accountants are essential for businesses to grow and thrive. The best accountants are also expert communicators. They have the ability to break down complex ideas to simplified terms their non-accountant colleagues can understand. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider a career in accounting. Apply today! 

Financial Analyst

Number of Jobs: 296,100

Financial analysts are expert advisers. They have a deep understanding of business and the economy to provide guidance on investment decisions. Should an organization buy stocks? Sell? It's the financial analyst's job to recommend what clients should do based on in depth analyses of investments and the stock market. These professionals are in high-demand in every industry, so no matter what your passion may be, a career path in finance presents a myriad of promising opportunities. Apply today! 


Number of Jobs: 580,400

Accounting aptitude plus leadership expertise is the foundation of a skilled controller. These professionals spearhead the accounting department and are often responsible for forecasting an organization's budget, growth and financial future. They provide strategic guidance to leadership and typically report to the CFO. If you have an analytical eye and love for leadership, a controller opportunity may be calling your name. Apply today!

Accounts Payable Specialist 

Number of Jobs: 1,532,340

Looking for a career in accounting but don't have a degree? To pursue this profession, all you often need is a high school diploma or GED. Accounts payable specialists are responsible for ensuring bills are paid, invoices are in order and expense reports are processed... and everyone likes the person with the check in their hand. Accounts payable specialists get to work with vendors, accountants and auditors to help the accounting department run smoothly. If you're detail oriented with a knack for math and passion in accounting, this role may be your perfect match. Apply today! 

Finance Manager

Number of Jobs: 580,400

Ranked number 4 in US News and World Report's best jobs in business, financial managers are integral to any organization. They are responsible for the health of the business and play a critical role in their growth. Day-to-day activities of financial managers include creating financial reports, coordinating investment activity and analyzing long-term financial strategies for companies. Financial managers in-demand today and will grow exponentially down the line. In fact, employment for these professionals is expected to grow nearly 20% by 2026, which is much faster than the average job. Apply today!