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Top 20 Blog Posts for 20 Years

August marks our 20th year in business! Since 1998, we’ve been helping people find jobs, helping companies find the right talent to join their team and learning and growing along the way. TGIM provides content to support everyone we work with, no matter what side of the desk. To celebrate our 20-year anniversary, we’re revealing the 20 most popular blog posts of 2018:

5 Skills Every Marketer Needs in 2018

The number of marketing specialists and research analysts will increase more than 23% by 2026. Which skills will you need to be a rock-star marketer and keep up with today’s rapidly changing landscape? Survive and thrive with these five marketing skills:

3 Ways to Avoid Workplace Ghosting

“Ghosting” is the newest social norm to make its way into the workplace. This blog highlights 3 things you can do to prevent future ghosts and encourage transparent communication:

6 Buzzwords to Stop Using in the Office

Buzzwords and office jargon invade 64% of workplaces. This infographic provides a quick visual of 6 things to stop saying in the office (and what to say instead):

3 Questions to Ask Before You Accept a Counteroffer

As you share the news that you’re moving on to another company, you’re surprised to hear your manager offer you a raise! You’re flattered and elated to have two offers on the table. It’s the perfect situation, right? Well- not exactly. Here are a few key things to consider before you’ll know if you should stay or you should go:

Top Supply Chain Management Publications of 2018

When most people receive their package from Amazon or grab food from Chipotle, they don’t think about how it gets there. Supply chain is an essential part of the economy and does more than most people realize to help companies flourish. Here are five publications to help you advance your career and become a more well-rounded supply chain professional in 2018:

Managing Virtually

Regardless if it’s your first virtual manager or 50th, there are countless variables that can affect each situation. Since no two company cultures are the same, different practices will work for different companies, but the following five tips can help manage the process.

5 Skills Great Administrative Professionals Have

Administrative professionals have a very important and difficult job. Check out these five skills that every great administrative professional should have:

How to Build a Career in Cryptocurrency

How can you break into this booming market as a candidate? And how many companies are actually hiring? Here’s a glimpse into the expanding landscape of blockchain technology and how to land a career in cryptocurrency:

4 Job Red Flags You Might be Ignoring 

After hours spent creating the perfect resume, searching job boards, submitting various cover letters…finally you land an interview. At this point, all that matters is getting a job offer, right? Not exactly. It’s important to pay close attention to the interview experience to know if the job will be a good fit. Here are four red flags to pay attention to during an interview:

5 Questions Not to Ask During an Interview

During a job search, most of us know the importance of preparing questions to ask during an interview….but not all questions are good questions. Avoid the following questions that could rub a hiring manager the wrong way and jeopardize your opportunity to move forward in the process:

The #1 Way to Retain Employees

You’re familiar with exit interviews and performance reviews, but what about stay interviews? To engage the best and brightest, consider conducting these meetings to get a pulse from top-performers. Stay interviews may be the secret sauce to employee retention by establishing trust and identifying any issues the company needs to work on:

Top 7 Benefits Employees Want

Today's hiring market can seem more competitive than the Olympics. Do you want to attract and retain top talent? Here are 7 benefits to sway the seekers:

Summer Reading List for Your Career

Summer is in full swing, and there's nothing quite like diving into a new book to enjoy in the sunshine. We've got some avid readers here at LaSalle, and this summer we thought we'd share the books that keep us turning pages. Get plenty of Vitamin D and boost your career with these 9 reads:

How to Fill the “GAAP” in Your Resume

140,000 new accounting jobs will be open by 2026. Whether you want to land your dream job or start your career off strong, here are 5 skills you need in accounting and finance for 2018:

Top Jobs in Nashville 2018

Are you craving a fresh start or seeking something new? Let this employee-driven market be the road-map to your dream career. Pick up your resume, put on your cowboy boots and check out some of the top jobs in Nashville:

5 Tips to Screen for Culture Fit

Putting in the time to assess culture fit not only strengthens companies internally, but saves money on costly turnover. Here are 5 tips to screen for culture fit during the interview:

2018 Hiring Trends and Challenges

We surveyed more than 4,000 professionals about hiring trends in 2018 to help you tackle the challenges ahead. Here’s what they said:

Best Marketing Blogs of 2018

Each of these blogs offer unique perspectives to help you become a well-rounded marketer in 2018:

Biggest Productivity Killers at Work

75% of employers say two or more hours a day are lost in productivity from employees being distracted. Here are the top 5 distractions that could be impacting your team's productivity:

16 HR Influencers to Follow

Each of these pros brings something different to the table, but no matter who you read or follow, you're bound to learn something new: