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Top 10 Technology Jobs for 2019

Our technology recruiting manager sat down with Tech Republic to discuss where technology is going in 2019. Below is what he had to say about the most in-demand tech jobs for the year ahead.

If you're looking to make a career move, these 10 jobs are a good bet for 2019:

Full Stack Software Engineer – Some companies are moving away from siloed back-end and front-end development teams, which requires hiring developers who can work on all levels of the application stack.

JavaScript Developer – Organizations that have development teams structured between front-end and back-end teams are hiring technologists whose strengths lie in using various JavaScript libraries and frameworks to deliver more compelling user interfaces.

Node.js Developer – Node has quickly become one of the languages of choice for companies that are moving away from monolithic code bases and leveraging microservices for their web applications.

Cybersecurity Engineer – Because of the heavy emphasis on protecting data, companies are realizing how important it is to have skilled security professionals in the organization. They are now building out bespoke career paths in security to attract security professionals.

PEN Tester – To be better informed about their security posture, companies are hiring penetration testers to attack their systems and expose vulnerabilities, threats, and any areas they can be remediated from a security perspective.

Data Scientist – Organizations are continuing to increase their own proprietary data, and are also looking at ways to incorporate third-party data to understand problems impacting their business. Hiring professionals with data science competencies enables them to do that.

Data Engineer – To ingest data from external sources, companies are hiring data engineers to build the pipelines that allow their organization to receive data.

Cloud Engineer – As companies move away from an on-premise infrastructure model to a cloud-first approach when upgrading or designing new environments, the need to hire technologists with cloud experience has increased dramatically.

Workday Specialist – Workday has become the HRIS system of choice for many large enterprises given its flexibility, and specialists who can administer and support the system are in-demand.

Salesforce Developer - Similarly to Workday, Salesforce has become the CRM of choice. In order to adapt it for their specific organization, companies are in need of Developers who can manipulate and extend the systems to meet the desired functionality.