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Seasonal Hiring Trends

The holidays are ramping up, and so are new jobs! This season could bring as many as 690,000 positions in retail alone. As companies find quality employees for their seasonal needs, many will want to bring them on permanently. Here’s why it’s a good year to be one of Santa’s helpers:

A Wide Selection of Positions:

Companies are hiring for a variety of positions to meet their seasonal demands. As retailers get ready for the holiday rush, they’ll need help running stores smoothly. This means extra staff to manage distribution and stock inventory behind the scenes. Ecommerce retailers will also need talent as we shift from brick and mortar to click and mortar business.

Amazon, Macys, UPS and Target are just a few companies hiring thousands of seasonal employees this year.

A Quick Hiring Process:

Employers need help, fast. This results in an expedited hiring process, so they can efficiently onboard talent. With a quicker process, candidates’ schedules and availability are essential. Employers are looking for candidates who are reliable and won’t have to take extended time off. Be prepared to get hired on the spot or simply have a quick phone interview before you’re brought on board.

Seasonal Jobs Turn into Permanent Employment:

Being on time and having a great attitude can go a long way. If you want to turn your holiday gig into a full-time position, treat it like an extended interview. When you put in the extra effort, network within the organization and push yourself to be your best, don’t be surprised when opportunity comes knocking. Seventy-five percent of temporary jobs have the potential to transition into something permanent.

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