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Our Ten Best Posts in 2015

It's been a busy year at LaSalle Network: we hired more than 60 people, opened a new office, and increased our national reach. As we reflect on the great year behind us, we wanted to highlight the top posts from TGIM in 2015:


1. LaSallian of the Year: Maddie Stough

LaSallian of the Year: Maddie


Maddie Stough, a Senior HR Project Manager, won LaSalle Network's biggest annual award, LaSallian of the Year. Reflecting on the award, she writes "A LaSallian is someone who bleeds green, loves their coworkers, closes business, leads naturally, and is accountable to those around them. That’s something I’ve tried to do since day one..."

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2. 10 Reasons You're Unhappy in Your Career (Infographic)

10 Reasons Preview


Inspired by an article by our CEO, Tom Gimbel, this infographic outlines the biggest reasons you're not in love with your current role. Hint: it has more to do with you than with your company.

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3. LaSalle Wins Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work”

Glassdoor Best Places to Work


While many awards celebrate a company’s culture, Glassdoor is unique: it is by the people, for the people. Candidates and employees past and present share their experiences in order to paint a picture of what the company is like. We're proud to be named one of Glassdoor's Best Places to Work for the first time!

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4. TGIM Guest Blog: Fear is Talent Wasted in Thought

Guest Blog Allison (1)


This summer, LaSalle opened its first office in San Francisco, CA. In conjunction with the grand opening, our SF Branch Manager, Allison Penning reflected about her experiences moving across the country and building LaSalle's presence in California.

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5. 6 Kinds of Interview Questions Companies Love (Infographic)

6 Kinds Preview


Curious what hiring managers want you to ask? This infographic breaks down the kinds of questions you should ask, and offers more than 30 sample questions to try.

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 6. What 9 Managers Wish They Had Known

What 9 Managers Wish They Had Known


Don't be afraid. Say "I don't know." Delegate. Nine of LaSalle's managers shared wisdom about what they wish they had known as new managers, and what they would do differently.

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7. A Year in the Life of a Chicago Tribune Top Workplace (Infographic)

Tribune Preview


To commemorate our second year as one of Chicago Tribune's Top Workplaces, we looked back at the highlights of our year: deep sea fishing, Rebirthdays, and opportunities to give back made the last year worth celebrating!

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8. 3 Huge Lessons from the 2015 Women's World Cup

US Womens World Cup


The whole country watched and celebrated as the U.S. Women's National Team won the World Cup this summer. Their victory was more than a part of history: it was also a lesson in how teams can come together and become something greater than their parts.

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9. The Onboarding Strategy You Aren't Using... but should be

Woman Having Birthday at Work


We were inspired by a great post from Kathy Rapp called "Don't Hide Your Crazy," about the importance of onboarding employees to the culture as well as the company. We decided to share some of our best tips about how to introduce your newest hires to the culture.

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10. Everything is Gold: LaSallemas Week 2015

Everything is Gold: LaSallemas 2015


This August, we celebrated the anniversary of our founding on August 17, 1998. August 17th is also our Founder & CEO, Tom Gimbel’s Rebirthday, and this year was particularly special because it was our “golden Rebirthday.” We turned 17 on the 17th, and we celebrated all week!

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