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LaSallians: Then and Now

A lot has changed at LaSalle over the past 17 years: we've expanded from one office to four, from one employee to 160. For real insight into how much we've changed (and how much we haven't!), we asked a few LaSallians to reflect on their LaSalle experiences... then and now.


Jayme Schrieffer

Managing Director of Sales, 14 years at LaSalle

Jayme Final


What’s the one thing that has changed the most since you started?

Everything! It would be hard to name just one thing. When I started almost 15 years ago, we were such a different company. Not only were we only a 9 person company, but it was just such a different world and economy. I was the only sales person besides Tom. We had no training program, no internal HR team, no true processes in place, only 2 lines of business, and each day was a new adventure.

We all were just trying to get business and make a name for LaSalle in Chicagoland. We faxed resumes, we didn’t use email, and we always picked up the phone to call our prospects and clients.  There are honestly too many things to name, not to mention how much I have changed as a person. I started when I was 23 and had no clue about business or sales; now I feel like an accomplished business woman.  It is amazing to look around now and see how far we have come.

But one thing hasn’t changed: we laugh a lot and have fun!


What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Follow your instincts in this business.  If you think something is not right, it probably isn’t. If you have an  urge to follow up with a client, do it: they probably have an opportunity for you to work on. If you want to ask a client or candidate a hard question, do it: it will make you a better salesperson and recruiter, and you will be viewed with respect.


Ryan Chabus

Accounting Manager, 7 years at LaSalle
Ryan Final Now Then

What’s the one thing that has changed the most since you started?

When I started with LaSalle in 2009, we were about 50 people strong. Today that number exceeds 150, and it's growing at a rapid rate!


What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Over the course of my time, there have been so many that count. One of the very first that comes to mind is that you should always communicate and execute with urgency. Keeping your manager in the loop about where you are with projects and assignments keeps you on track and displays accountability. It also keeps meetings more productive because you spend less time with status updates and more with substance.


Allison Penning

San Francisco Branch Manager, 5 years at LaSalle

Allison Now and Then


What’s the one thing that has changed the most since you started?

When I started, I had always looked at my job as just a job… a means of survival. Shortly after starting at LaSalle, I got a taste of what real success looked like and I started viewing my “job” as a career and a lifestyle.


Looking back, what advice would you give someone for their first year?

Be a sponge. Soak in as much as you can… ask a question even when you think it’s a silly one, go to a Rebirthday celebration for someone you don’t even know, sit in on interviews with other teams. The more you learn, the more you’ll see what sort of career you can create for yourself.


Jessica Schaeffer

Director of Marketing, 4.5 years at LaSalle

Jessica Now and Then


What’s the one thing that has changed the most since you started?

The amount of LaSallians and the décor of our offices! When I started, we had about 40 employees and worked in a small, very brown office :) Today, we have over 150 employees and have a gorgeous two-floor office space for our headquarters!


What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Take ownership of your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to talk about them. Throughout my career, I’ve made some costly mistakes and was always surprised by how supportive and understanding management was and is. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn, but if you don’t talk about them, you can’t learn from them.