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New Year, New Career? 7 Job Search Resources

It's a new year, is it time for a new career? With a new year comes many professionals making resolutions to climb the corporate ladder or find a new job.

The workforce and workplace continued to dominate headlines for much of this year as the strongest jobs market to date offered candidates a leg up and drove more and more professionals to consider new opportunities. Looking towards 2023, we know some of this will start to shift...but what will that look like?  

First, a quick level set on the world of work: 

In the beginning of the year, return to office plans were top of mind. After continuously being delayed, the big push to return in-person came this fall for 50% of workers, some for the first time in over two years. In response to worker demands for flexibility, many companies have adopted a hybrid work model.  

As open job numbers continued to soar, outnumbering job seekers by more than 4 million, many employees were given pay bumps and candidates were offered higher-than-average starting salaries for companies to attract and retain talent.   

In June, inflation hit a record high of 9.1% (it has since decreased to 7.1%), which indicates to economists that some variation of a recession is on the horizon. Large companies, especially in the technology space like Meta and Twitter, conducted rounds of layoffs , with no plans to fill the vacant roles. However – according to a LaSalle Network survey, 84% of companies still plan to add headcount in 2023. Not anywhere near the volumes as seen in 2022; however, companies are still investing in talent acquisition.   

As we enter 2023, job seekers may be optimistic but shouldn’t anticipate the same market we saw in 2022. With laid-off talent reentering the talent pool and fewer open roles, now is the time to be competitive, strategize and prepare a strong job-search strategy.  

We’re sharing our top resources to help build a competitive strategy to stand out in the job search and enter the New Year strong.

How to Recover from a Bad Job Interview 

While finding a job in the workforce, nothing tugs at the back of somebody’s mind like the regret of a botched interview, or the anxiety of messing up in an upcoming one. Despite an interview going south, not all is lost. There are a few key ways to grab hold of the interview and change the narrative.  

8 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview 

If you have a virtual interview, how do you put your best foot forward without physically being in the office?  We're sharing 8 essential tips to help prepare for a stand-out interview.

Job Search Tips from TikTok: Fact or Fiction? 

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, one of the newest and most rapidly growing trends is career and job search advice. Whether it is job seekers looking for tips on landing their dream job or young professionals looking to advance their careers, there are thousands of videos from different users packed chalk-full of tips and tricks for growing a promising career. However, not all should be followed. Our expert recruiters are dissecting which to ditch. 

The LinkedIn Tools You Aren't Using in Your Job Search 

Many internet savvy job seekers utilize their LinkedIn profiles as an online CV to present their skills, prior experience and interests to the public. Beyond these standard features, there are several other surprising ways job seekers can utilize LinkedIn to separate themselves from the pack to land a new job.   

10 Recruiter Secrets for Standing Out in Your Job Search 

We’re sharing all the need-to-know tips for standing out while job searching, straight from recruiting experts.

6 Questions to Ask in Every Job Interview

While candidates often prepare for an interview by practicing responses to common interview questions, some of the most important questions to prepare are those the candidate asks the interviewer. We’re sharing the 6 you shouldn’t leave the interview without asking.  

How to Evaluate and Negotiate a Job Offer 

Received a job offer? Congratulations! Before making a decision, take time to reflect on the role, manager, team, company and its culture to ensure it aligns with what you’re wanting. Revisit what motivated the job search initially and if this role and its responsibilities can be a strong, long-term fit. 

Our final and best resource to help you find your dream job? Working with our team of expert recruiters. View our job board and apply to an open role today.