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Moving on Up: LaSalle's Recent Promotions & Award Winners

We believe that celebrating successes, recognizing LaSallians and mapping out goals for continued growth are essential to both individual and team development. At our company wide Q4 Kick Off meeting, we gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of Q3 and hear from our CEO about what lies ahead. 
Throughout the meeting, we recognized a group of LaSallians who went above and beyond with grit and determination, earning themselves promotions and award titles to some of LaSalle’s most sought-after accolades. Congratulations to these LaSallians! 
Is this a group of professionals you see yourself growing your career alongside? We’re hiring. Apply today: 

Award Winners: 

These LaSallians went above and beyond to GSD and help drive LaSalle’s continued growth. These LaSallians earn their titles by having a great attitude, working hard to deliver results and being true team players. Congratulations! 


Quarterly Recruiting and Research Crushers:     

These LaSallians crushed their goals (hence the name), exceeding metrics, bringing a positive attitude every day, and leaving nothing on the table.  


Congratulations to these LaSallians who worked hard to exceed goals, develop themselves professionally and take on more to achieve the next step in their careers!



Is this a group of professionals you see yourself working alongside? We’re hiring. Apply today: