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Happy Valentine's Day! Love at LaSalle

In honor of Valentine's Day, this year we're highlighting a few of our employees who have found love at LaSalle throughout the years!

Anne Gennett & Gage Nordlof


Anne: I interviewed Gage when he came in for his initial screening as a candidate - I remember him being really excited and high energy.

Gage: Honestly, she asked me the toughest questions out of everyone I interviewed with.  I said I was interested in marketing, and she asked me to make a marketing plan for LaSalle Network. What would you do? Who would you target? I remember coming up with something I thought was cool at the time... but I’m pretty sure it would have been bad. That’s probably why she asked me if I was interested in recruiting instead.

Anne: I was his mentor at LaSalle, and that’s how we became good friends.

Gage: Anne was my mentor, and I had a crush on her for 6 months at least. Around Halloween, I asked her to go to a concert with me.  I think she knew it was meant to be when the band played a few Something Corporate throwbacks, and we both knew all the words.

Gage: My favorite memory with Anne was when we played softball together, and she made a huge catch to end an inning in a regular season game. You would have thought she won the World Series the way I reacted. I ran over and picked her up, and then quickly realized that this is my co-worker… and people are looking… and maybe I should put her down :)

How did you propose?

Gage: I bought a ring, had a mini heart attack, said "I got a ring, do you want it?" She asked where it was, and I said in the other room.

Anne: I didn’t ask where it was!  I said "WHAT?!" And then you said "Well, I don’t have it on me, it’s in the other room in a drawer.”

Gage: I gave it to her, and the rest is history.


Megan & Rob Trzcinski

Megan and Rob

Megan: Shortly after Rob started at LaSalle, two girls in our office had a joint birthday party.  Tons of LaSallians were there, but Rob didn’t arrive until much later in the evening.

When he got there it was clear that he had probably had a little too much fun earlier in the day watching a Michigan football game… he showed up to the party still wearing full Michigan garb, jersey, etc. I don’t remember if Michigan had won or lost, but either way it was clear that Rob had really been invested in that game.

Rob: They lost to OSU 42-14, it was awful.

Megan: I also remember Rob closing two huge deals within just a few months of starting at LaSalle.  I remember being wowed by his quick success, and I quickly realized that he brought the same level of passion and enthusiasm to the workplace that he did to Michigan football.

Rob: My first memory of Megan was that she was dating someone else... however we (randomly) both liked the following things: college football, Desperate Housewives (the original show on ABC), and talking about my horrible dating choices. I’d come in every Monday, we’d joke about how laughable Michigan’s program was, how up and down (gradually worse) Desperate Housewives was getting, and my favorite TV couple – Tom and Lynette Scavo.

We started dating once both of our previous relationships ended.  We had lunch at the local Jason’s Deli and both realized we thought there was something well beyond our friendship of 4 years.  Shortly thereafter the ‘official’ journey began!

Megan: ... I would add that our LaSallemas trip to Vegas was where he first worked up the courage to start admitting his feelings!

Megan: One of my favorite memories with Rob was winning back-to-back Producer of the Year awards in 2012 and 2013 (me in 2012, Rob in 2013). It was pretty amazing… and now we have two engraved machetes at home!

Rob: My favorite memory before we were dating? When Michigan beat Notre Dame, I made her buy the whole office an ice cream cake which was like $60! My favorite memory since we’ve been dating, engaged, and married?

Every single day.


Alan & Ryan Jagnandan

Alan Ryan

My first memory of Ryan was when she started on the Office Services team the fall of 2006. She walked in with a fire engine red jacket, beautiful brown eyes, and a brilliant sense of humor. While the majority of my sales had been on the accounting & finance side of the house, I immediately started focusing on office services so I had a reason to interact with her every day.

I was in a fundraiser date auction for a Starlight Starbright charity on Friday night, February 9th, 2007… it was a black tie event where 20 business professionals raised high-end donations.  There were 1,000 guests in attendance, including our CEO, Tom Gimbel and his executive team.

Little did I know there was an additional LaSallian in attendance by the name of Ryan Baril. She convinced a few of her friends to pay the $50 cover and go to the event. I was shocked because that was a lot of money for a 24 year old, especially when cover didn’t include drinks!

Long story short, we all ended up going out after the fundraiser, and Ryan and I immediately hit it off.  I asked her on a date the following week and never looked back!

One of my favorite memories is the surprise engagement in NYC at Rockefeller Plaza.  Tom and our CRO Maureen helped me plan my proposal strategy and ensured I didn’t spill the beans.

After six months of planning, the ring arrived a few days before Ryan and I were set to depart for New York… I didn’t feel comfortable having the ring at home, so I stashed it in the company safe.

Thankfully, Tom reminded me to grab it before I left for the airport!  The engagement on ice went off as planned, and we got married 18 months later at the River East Art Center here in Chicago.

This month, we had another big moment: Aria Elizabeth Gray Jagnandan came into the world!