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LaSallian of the Year: Maddie Stough

At LaSalle, we have three big annual awards: Producer of the Year, Making it Happen, and LaSallian of the Year. LaSallian of the Year is awarded to the person who best represents what LaSalle Network is all about.  They take pride in their work, they execute what their plan is and they scream from the roof tops to share with the world what we are creating at LaSalle.

Past winners include: our Accounting Manager, Ryan Chabus, our Technology Services Team Lead, Paul Wallenberg, our Chief Recruiting Officer, Krisi Rossi O'Donnell, our Sales Manager, Lauren Benenati, and one of our Manager's of Major Accounts, Alan Jagnandan.

This August, a new LaSallian was added to the ranks, Maddie Stough! Here's a quick look at Maddie and her accomplishments throughout the year.


What do you do at LaSalle?

I'm a Project Manager on the HR Search practice, and I've been here for almost three years.


Describe the moment your name was announced. What did you feel?

Tom was describing a few characteristics of the winner, and they were sort of generic. But then they started to sound very familiar. He mentioned that this person had had some tough conversations over the last year, but that the winner had come out of the lows and had a really solid year, contributing more to LaSalle than before.

And that's when I knew it was me. I was shocked! I had my money on several others who I really admire and look up to at LaSalle, and I was seriously shocked. He announced my name and it was sort of a blur after that. Although I've never won the lottery or an Academy Award, I'd imagine that's what it feels like!

What does this award mean to you?

Being LaSallian of the Year is something I'm incredibly proud of. I have worked really hard over the last few years and have had highs and lows as everyone does, but this award is the biggest professional honor I've ever had. Past LaSallians of the Year are the people who I strive to be, so I'm really honored to be counted among that group now.


What have you accomplished in the last year that you're particularly proud of?

I've personally had some really great successes this year, including my three best quarters to date! But I'm most proud of is where the HR team is today. We weren't even an official team until this January, and I am so proud of how we are working together to hit our goals. We've never closed this much business in HR, and there's so much more to do! I'm really excited about the way the team is growing and can't wait to see where we are a year from now.


Why are you proud to be a LaSallian?

I'm proud to work alongside incredible teammates, coworkers, and friends.To me, a LaSallian is someone who bleeds green, loves their coworkers, closes business, leads naturally, and is accountable to those around him/her. That's something I've tried to do since day one, and it's something I see from my coworkers daily.


Anything else you'd like to add?

I think one of the things I'm MOST honored about this award is that I was LaSallian of the Year when our Marketing Director, Jess Schaeffer, was also honored for the Making It Happen Award. She's the essence of LaSalle to me, and I admire her passion, selflessness, and enthusiasm for what we do. She's someone who makes it happen, and if Tom had given both awards to her this year, I don't think anyone (except maybe her!) would have been surprised.