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LaSalle Named an Inc. Best Workplace

We are so proud to be one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces! This award celebrates companies that are not only growing, but focusing on their people, too. To celebrate this amazing accolade, we’re sharing 5 of our favorite Inc. articles written by our CEO, Tom Gimbel. Whether you’re looking to grow your career or your company, this content caters to both sides of the desk. Here are the 5 Inc. articles we chose in honor of LaSalle Network being named one of their best places to work:

What Corporate Responsibility Can Do for Your Team:

“The passion for giving back exists in your team, all you have to do is give the people the opportunity to let it shine.” As your company grows, encouraging employees to give back to the community can help your culture thrive. As people come together to support a cause, it strengthens connections between different units. In addition, it lets employees contribute to something positive. Click here for other business benefits that stem from philanthropy.

Number One Recruiting Strategy that Causes Companies to Miss Out on Top Talent:

“If hiring managers are looking for only this one thing, they could be passing up top talent and cause the company to lose profits.” It’s no secret that great people make great organizations, and effective recruitment is the key. Is your organization making this common (but costly) mistake? Click here for our CEO’s article to help you hire the best.

 Why Corporate Celebrations are Important

Celebrate work wins- big or small! Recognizing employees who excel boosts company culture and can create a sense of pride. When possible, support company successes beyond sending a simple email. Company-wide celebrations foster a sense of fulfillment and purpose, elevate engagement and can help your people feel appreciated. Click here for our CEO’s insights on why corporate celebrations are important.

Your Career Isn’t an Uber Ride

According to a taxi driver, “[Uber drivers] don’t know where they’re going, stop in the middle of the street, don’t pull over and cause traffic congestion!” Are you an “Uber Driver” of your career? If your fire has fizzled out and you aren’t passionate about the future, it may be time to take a U-turn. So Click here for Tom Gimbel’s advice on how to reignite your career, get promoted and get out of traffic.

Being the Least Successful of Your Friends Could Help Your Career

“If you compete against the best and associate with the best, you increase your chances of becoming the best.” Your comfort zone may be, well, comfortable- but it can also stunt your growth. Expanding your social network can give you a boost professionally. It also elevates your personal development. Do you know who the best people are to spend time with in your organization? Click here for the three types of people surround yourself with if you want to grow, challenge yourself and enhance your career.