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An Intern's Experience - Laura Zuba

My experience as an intern for LaSalle Network can be described as challenging, rewarding, and especially beneficial. I have learned so much about myself, my aspirations, and my ability to contribute to my workplace. However, this internship has also made me realize how helpful my previous experience and skills were to my success here at LaSalle. Although I have not had previous recruiting experience, I have been in a corporate setting through my Human Resources internship at the University of Iowa.

Although I came into this internship with helpful experience under my belt, I undoubtedly developed new skills that I will always attribute to LaSalle Network. The most important skill I have improved upon in the last 10 weeks is communication. Explaining to candidates what LaSalle Network is and how we can be a resource for them was something I did daily. I had to be clear, concise, and persuasive in order to be successful. I was also responsible for communicating with my team regularly. LaSalle’s team-based environment made it easy to share goals, ask questions, and celebrate accomplishments. I now understand how beneficial it is when my boss is aware of my daily goals, and whether or not I am accomplishing them.

Another benefit of strong communication is that employees know when they are contributing to the company, and are recognized for it. I knew I was contributing to my workplace each time I told a candidate about LaSalle Network and scheduled them for an interview. I contributed to LaSalle each time I conducted a reference check and helped a candidate get one step closer to receiving a job offer.

I firmly believe my internship experience was as great as it was because of the people I was surrounded by on a daily basis.  Whether it be fellow teammates, the other interns, or the executive leadership team, I could turn to anyone for guidance. LaSalle is made up of the most driven, motivated individuals I have ever met. I was inspired by my co-workers every day to go above and beyond to reach my goals. These characteristics are ones that I want to continue developing in myself because I know that with them, I will be successful no matter where my career takes me.

LaSalle Network has played a huge part in bringing me clarity around my future career path. I’ve discovered that although recruiting may not be my true passion, Human Resources is. Recruiting for HR professionals during this internship has taught me so much about what my future career could be like, and I am so thankful to have gotten this insight. Talking with candidates who love their career within Human Resources has made me confident in my chosen degree, and I am excited to begin my career.

LaSalle Network has also taught me what to look for in a company culture and in fellow employees.  I now know that organizational-fit is just as important as job-fit.  LaSalle has taught me that life after college does not solely revolve around my job or even the company I work for. I’ve realized that although I’ll be graduating college, I will never stop learning.  There is always more knowledge to gain and more experience to be had. This is just the beginning of my journey, and I am grateful to LaSalle Network for the confidence to face it head-on.