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An Intern's Experience - Julia Nagle

LaSalle Network has made me feel at home during the most difficult season of my life. A few weeks before I was supposed to move to Chicago to start my internship at LaSalle, my dad very unexpectedly passed away. After his passing, I did not want to move to Chicago which was the city my dad grew up in. I did not want to move to a city that would bring me so many memories of my dad everywhere I was. I did not want to move away from my mom and sister. I did not want to move on with life as if my world did not just fall apart.

During the weeks prior to the scheduled start of my internship, I struggled with whether I should start work at my first professional job while I was in a very emotional state. One day, as I was struggling with the decision to move to Chicago for my internship, a very colorful and beautiful flower arrangement was delivered to my house from LaSalle Network with a kind note.  This kind gesture was the tipping point which assured me I would feel at home at LaSalle.

My dad’s professional success and work ethic has always been very inspiring to me. This summer, I committed to my internship in the hopes to begin my professional career in a way that would make my dad proud.

My dad was a professor and always had a love of learning which has always been contagious for me. At LaSalle, I am the Technology Recruiting Intern. Prior to starting my internship, I knew next to nothing about both technology and recruiting. During my initial training, there were so many technical terms I didn't know, it sounded like a foreign language. I went to my team lead, Jenna, and asked her how I could help our candidates find jobs if I did not know what they were saying. She responded to me by saying “you learn best from the people who do it best.” I have found this to be very true during my internship. I ask a lot of questions and shadow my co-workers so that I can learn from the seasoned recruiters on my team. I have learned something new every day at LaSalle, whether it was something one of my teammates showed me, something said in a company-wide meeting, or something one of my fellow interns told me.

My dad was very relationship orientated and always went out of his way to make others feel special. I have found this to be very applicable for me during my internship, especially at a relationship-oriented recruiting firm. One of the most rewarding parts of my internship has been meeting those around me both professionally and personally. My team, managers, other interns, and members of other teams have taken time out of their busy schedules to grab coffee or a meal with me. I love meeting people new and seasoned at LaSalle to learn from their experiences here. Each person here has a different background but come together to make LaSalle successful.

By the time of my dad’s passing, he was an endowed chaired professor at an esteemed university, but still challenged himself professionally each day. Working at a fast-moving company like LaSalle, I pushed myself each day to work harder and exceed my metrics from the day before. My efforts were successful because I was able to assist three candidates in finding new jobs. These placements inspired me to meet more people to be a resource in their search for new opportunities.

My dad’s love of learning, building relationships, and professional success has led me to find a company where I love the culture, the people, and the work every day! I am proud of my accomplishments this summer at my internship, and I am confident that my dad would be too. At LaSalle, the mission is to “value our people so that we can care about yours.” My experience as a LaSallian this summer has proven just that.