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Happy 1st Rebirthday, Michael Douglass & Jess Dickerson!


How old are you at LaSalle?

JD: I'm One!

MD: Today is my First Rebirthday!

What has been your professional progression at LaSalle?

JD: I started out on the Research team, where I was for almost 11 months. Just recently I transitioned to be a Project Manager for our Accounting and Finance team.

MD: I have been on the Research team my entire time at LaSalle, focusing on accounting and finance roles.

What is your first memory of LaSalle?

JD: My first memory of LaSalle was actually today, a year ago. Not because it was my first day, but because it was our Director of Marketing's rebirthday. I remember seeing the balloons and streamers and watching her give her speech, and I thought about how amazing and different this place is. I'm so glad that we now share a rebirthday!

What is your favorite thing about working at LaSalle?

MD: Our culture. I believe it's unique. We are all working so hard and moving so fast all day, but at the same time we're having fun doing it!

JD: The people. I am so lucky to be able to work for and alongside the most amazing people. LaSallians are a big group of hardworking, driven, fun and hilarious people and I love coming to work every day and seeing them.

What does LaSalle mean to you?

MD: LaSalle is so much more than a place to get your foot in the door. This is not only an amazing place to work, but I see it as an amazing place to build a career. For many of us this is our first job out of college or in an office setting, and the same goes for me. LaSalle is a place that allows you to grow and gives you the opportunity to develop, regardless of your previous work experience.

JD: LaSalle means growth, both professionally and personally. I am challenged to grow as a recruiter every day, and I can say with full confidence that LaSalle has made me grow into a better person.doug maybe

What has been your proudest moment at LaSalle?

MD: My proudest moment was the first time a candidate I sourced was placed.  It was a huge relief. Afterward, all I was thinking was "Ok I can actually do this... now how do I do more and faster?"

JD: I recently was awarded MVT (Most Valuable Trainee) for my training class. That was awesome!

What do you hope to conquer in the next 365 days?

JD:  I hope to contribute to LaSalle's success and help the company hit our goals. "Crush it," as LaSallians would say.

What does celebrating a rebirthday mean to you?

MD: Celebrating a rebirthday feels like the last mile of a really hard marathon.  A lot of ups and downs. The whole gamut of emotions.  Then you cross the finish line and you feel like a million bucks. THEN you instantly start thinking about the next race. Just like when finishing a marathon, I focus on what I could have done better this year, and how much more I can do looking forward.jess d maybe

What has been the most unexpected thing about LaSalle?

JD: I don't think I was expecting to make so many friends and connections with people. Being personally invested in the people around me motivates me to work that much harder for them.

What's your spirit animal?

MD: Ke$ha... I'm weird.

JD: Does Beyoncé count as a spirit animal? Beyoncé, regardless.

Anything else you want to share?

MD: I feel truly privileged to work at LaSalle.  Every day at some point I say to myself "I hit the jackpot don't mess this up."