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Happy Father's Day to our LaSalle Dads!

Father's Day is this Sunday, so we wanted to celebrate the wonderful dads here at LaSalle! We asked what they love about being fathers, how they balance parenthood with work, and what lessons they've learned.

Their heartfelt responses below - from four fathers and one father-to-be - are incredible.

Happy Father's Day!


Tom Gimbel (Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

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What is the best part of fatherhood?

Being a tour guide for life.


What lessons from fatherhood have you applied to your career?

How to explain things in different ways to different people in a simple way.


What advice would you give working dads?

Let your kids learn a work ethic from you.


Lawrence Casas (Chief Financial Officer)

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What is the best part of fatherhood?

I enjoy the relationships I've formed with my kids. I love coming home, and they actually want to hang out with me and talk. There's no relationship like it. I love coaching their sports, doing things with them - it's a unique bond you form, you just can't understand it until you become a parent.


What lessons from fatherhood have you applied to your career?

Patience. Seriously - I've learned so much about setting realistic expectations for people. When you're a younger manager or leader, you're not as patient, and you don't have the same understanding. When you have kids, you realize that not everyone is the same - they think differently and need different things from you.


What advice would you give working dads?

There's only one time they go to first grade or kindergarten. There are a lot of firsts that you absolutely can't do again, so you have to make time for them. It's really easy to get sucked into work, and it's easy to say, "I'm doing this for them, for my family." But you have to make the time for them, because you can't do those things again.

Secondly, scheduling. Ten years ago, my wife would tell me about a dance recital or a game happening a month out, and I'd say "Sure, in a month." Today when she tells me about it, I put it on my calendar immediately. I block out that time because you have to; you can't just wing it!

I wouldn't have the friendships I have with my kids if they didn't think they were really important to me. They know they're more important to me than my work, and I show it.


Alan Jagnandan (Managing Director of Sales)

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What is the best part of fatherhood?

The best part of fatherhood is seeing my daughter's face light up every day like the New York City skyline at night. One smile at the start or end of the day gives me the best shot of emotional adrenaline.

She puts everything into perspective, pushing me to go the extra mile in my career knowing it'll benefit her in the future (college tuition and her wedding are right around the corner...)  :)


What lessons from fatherhood have you applied to your career?

I thought I knew a lot about life before being a father, and the first night of parenthood I realized I knew nothing. I see my career, life and the world through a different lens now.

It's not, "What's best for me or what’s best for my wife?" Now it's "How will this affect my daughter in the present and in the future?" She motivates me more than words can say and makes me a more empathetic business person in general, especially with clients, prospects and candidates who are parents.


What advice would you give working dads?

Stay focused on your family and let them drive you. Be honest with your spouse so you're on the same page with your family goals and what's important, and work together to achieve them. You can find balance if you communicate proactively and you have a plan in place.

Reflect on what’s working and what might be failing, and make tweaks to both so you can you can grow your career while your family prospers.  Life is about finding happiness, and identifying the right balance creates euphoria!


Jason Siegel (Director of Recruiting, Accounting and Finance)

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What is the best part of fatherhood?

Every day is an adventure. Watching my girls light up when they learn something new or see something for the first time is a great feeling. I wouldn't trade it for anything!


What lessons from fatherhood have you applied to your career?

Patience is a virtue! Every child is different in how they see and learn things, just like every person on my team.

Understanding this and creating a customized plan around each personality and learning curve has helped me be a better manager.


What advice would you give working dads?

Someone once told me about "quality time vs quantity time," and I couldn't agree more. Our children watch how hard we work, and they see the successes it can bring. They'll learn from this and emulate it, giving them a strong work ethic.

Seeing how hard my father worked and not seeing him every night before my bed time didn't bother me because I knew he was working hard for us. "Quality time vs quantity time" in my experience is much more effective, and kids appreciate it more.


Shane Baker (Healthcare Revenue Cycle Project Manager)

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What is the best part of fatherhood?

It's all the little things. The sense of pride I get from Liam doing anything - from the minor to the significant - for the first time... it's one of my favorite feelings in the entire world. I love watching him grow daily into his own individual person with weird little quirks that seem to come from nowhere.


What lessons from fatherhood have you applied to your career?

There is a small but significant difference between being kind and being gullible. Question everything.

Just because Liam likes playing with your cellphone and has never put anything in the toilet before does not mean there won’t be a first time. And just because you have had experiences and interactions in the workforce once doesn't mean it will be the same every time. Look at everything and treat it like it is the first time.

Being proactive is important, but always be prepared with a back-up plan.

The moment Liam started to crawl, I realized how much of our pre-planning and baby-proofing efforts helped... and how much more we needed to do. Even after months of planning, we had to react quickly with a back-up plan to deal with everything he was still able to get into.

This happens in our careers all the time, too. Being able to anticipate and role play as much as possible before a call or meeting is so important, but being able to respond to the unanticipated in the moment is just as crucial.

Establish rules and stick to them.

This is pretty straightforward, but I've gotten much better at this recently as the “give an inch and they will take a mile” rule seems to be in full effect at my house.

Sticking to rules I set has helped in my career as well. I have been able to clear up previous gray areas with coworkers or clients, and I've established fantastic foundations to base professional relationships off of.


What advice would you give working dads?

Quality is just as important, if not more so, than quantity. Being present whenever possible is important, but truly interacting with my son and making sure he knows how important he is to me is my goal.

He is not up until 10 pm every night (Thank God!), so I spend time with him from when I get home until he's in bed. Once he is asleep I have time for emails, internet, Netflix, etc. Not every father or parent is able to devote 24/7 to their children, but making the most of the time available is so important.

Jason Rask (Senior Business Analyst)


What are you looking forward to most about fatherhood?

Fatherhood. Whoa, I can’t believe how fast this day is approaching! I realize it’s pretty typical for a first time parent to only focus on what’s immediately in front of them. I often remind myself of the “adjusted” sleep schedule, diaper duty, and the fits of crying that await me.

However, if I take time and really examine what fatherhood means, I realize I’m most excited about building a new family with my fiancée.


Knowing that I’ll have another best friend in our soon-to-be baby, and that this newly minted family has thousands of new adventures to embark upon, has really gotten me excited. Family is what I’m looking forward to most!


Are there any lessons from your career you think you’ll be able to apply to being a dad?

In any role, project, or analysis, there will be times when you find yourself overwhelmed with rote tasks and minute details. During these moments it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture: that the final result of your work is making an important impact on the business.

When you own a role or a project, you have to understand that these tasks must be done to ensure success.


In preparing to become a father, I see this scenario overlapping with parenthood. I don’t know any parent who would say changing a diaper at 2AM is glamorous, and doing it over and over again can make it easy to lose sight of the big picture.

The big picture is you’re raising a child, growing a family, and there will be hundreds of moments that outweigh the less glamorous ones. These tasks may not be your favorite - just like mining millions of data points - but the end result will be fulfilling and unforgettable!