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Happy 8th Rebirthday, Lawrence!

Lawrence Casas 8th RebirthdayHow old are you at LaSalle?

I'm 8.


What has been your professional progression at LaSalle?

I came in as a consultant/part-time CFO, and then I transitioned into the full-time CFO eight years ago.



What is your first memory of LaSalle? 

In 2007, I had recently started my own business offering virtual/part-time CFO services to small businesses. At the same time, Tom was looking for a CFO. I was referred to Tom from his outside accounting firm at the time. I sat down with Tom to explain my service offering and how I thought I could help him with his internal accounting department.

Midway through my pitch, he got this look on his face: a slight smile with his eyebrow slightly raised. He looked me dead in the eye and said “I've got a question for you.” He jumps up, walks to the corner of his office and proceeds to dump out boxes of old general ledger printouts and reports and says ‘What is this? Why do I need hard copy printouts of all of this?”

I just looked at him, shook my head, smiled, and said “I definitely can help you!” That was a little over eight years ago.


What is your favorite thing about working at LaSalle? 

I hate to sound cliche, but it's the LaSallians. I truly love working with driven, hardworking, career-focused people toward a common goal each and every day. Some of my best friends work at LaSalle.


What does LaSalle mean to you?

LaSalle means business. LaSalle means family.


What has been your proudest moment at LaSalle?

Winning Producer of the Quarter for Q4 2014.


What does celebrating a rebirthday mean to you?

For me, it’s a great time to reflect not on just the past year but on all of my years.


Wolverine Animal lasalle network spirit animalWhat's your spirit animal?

A wolverine (If you're not sure what that is, look to the right).


What has been the most unexpected thing about LaSalle?

I have been challenged in ways I did not expect, and I've learned to look beyond the dollars and cents in everything. I'm still learning every day.