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Happy 1st Rebirthday, Katie!

My rebirthday 3How old are you at LaSalle?

I’m a 1 year old!


What has been your professional progression at LaSalle?

I’m the Marketing Coordinator at LaSalle, which means I help our internal Marketing Team show the rest of the world why LaSalle is the best. I create content (blogs, white papers, webinars, graphics), develop our thought leadership, and manage our website.


What is your first memory of LaSalle, and how did it make you feel? 

Everyone was so happy, and it was like 7:00 am in the morning. Every single person smiled and said hello in the hallways and the kitchen. At first I was so overwhelmed; people aren’t really like this all the time. Why was everyone so excited to see me? It was so weird and so wonderful.

Day 365, and it’s still like that. And now I’m one of those people, too.


What is your favorite thing about working at LaSalle?

This is so nerdy… but it’s actually an all-company meeting we have every week, creatively titled “Weeklies.” Every Wednesday everyone comes together and every team reports on their activity from the past week; we share new clients, highlights, and lessons we learned. The whole company celebrates with weird hand gestures, cheers, and tons of clapping. Every week there’s laughter. I walk away from Weeklies with a ton of energy, pumped to crush the rest of the day.

I think this meeting perfectly captures the best parts of LaSalle. We’re creative, we’re collaborative, and we’re quirky. LaSallians learn from each other, push each other, and support each other. We each focus so intensely on our own goals and deadlines, but we’re all still a team.


What does LaSalle mean to you?

LaSalle is watching the Chicago sun rise from the El platform, hours before anyone else I know is awake. LaSalle is saying good morning to everyone when they come in for the day. It's balloons... and it's also way more than balloons. It's a cheer that sweeps across the office when someone closes a huge deal, and it's the personal "thank you" you get for holding the elevator. It's Friday afternoons with Hall & Oates. Orange walls. Working harder than I ever thought possible. Knowing everyone's name. Helping each other without question. Saying good night to everyone when we leave for the night. Getting up in the morning to rise with the sun once again.


What has been your proudest moment at LaSalle?

This summer, I wrote a blog post about lessons we can learn from the U.S. Women's National Team winning the World Cup. I posted it, and it performed really well almost immediately. Compared to many of the things I've done this year, this moment is really small. But as a female athlete, I was really proud that I was able to combine my passions outside work with what I do every day. That's what LaSalle is all about.IMG_7901


What do you hope to conquer in the next 365 days?

The world. Seriously, I think this Marketing team could do it. On a more serious note, I want to create stronger, more powerful content for our blog. I want to build us a new site. I want to help LaSalle become the leading voice on company culture and employment. If I've learned anything from my team, it's that we can literally do anything.


What does celebrating a rebirthday mean to you?

A rebirthday is a funny thing: it's supposed to be all about you, yet as the day approaches, you think more and more about everyone else around you. I could not possibly have made it here without my team, my friends, my incredible manager Jess.

I also couldn't have known what a rebirthday would really mean until today. I have never put more work into something, I learned how far I could push myself, and what I could accomplish. In many ways, my rebirthday should be a celebration of what my teammates and this company crafted in 365 days.


What's your spirit animal?

I’ve never had one, but pigs are my favorite animals. I’d like to say it’s because of their intelligence.... but really I think I identify with their diet and lifestyle.

(My team disagreed with this choice, so naturally I took a Buzzfeed test to find out. And it told me I'm a teacup pig. So I must be right).


What has been the most unexpected thing about LaSalle?

I could write about doing yoga at the Astoria Hotel, standing under a forest of balloons at LaSallemas, or deep sea fishing in Miami. I never expected to do any of those things when I first accepted the job here at LaSalle.

But those experiences are easy to describe. It's obvious why those have been amazing parts of my year. It's much harder to put words to the intangible feeling we have in the office every day. The connection I feel to every one grinding to make this company grow, working for each other.

How could I have expected that?