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Five Skills Great Administrative Professionals Have

Administrative professionals have a very important and difficult job. Check out these five skills that every great administrative professional should have:

1. Time Management

Time management is a key skill to have in order to be successful. Administrative professionals typically manage multiple initiatives at once, and are frequently juggling time sensitive incoming requests. They typically have a lot on their plate, so being able to effectively prioritize is important. The best administrative staff knows how to organize what needs to get done right now vs. what you can do later.

2. Communication Skills

Being a great administrative professional  requires excellent communication skills. They interact regularly through email and phone calls with clients, prospective clients, co-workers, vendors, etc. Therefore, it's important that they are articulate and write in a professional and intelligent manner.

3. Positive Attitude

Administrative professionals will most likely be the first point of contact for clients, making them the face of the company. Therefore, it's incredibly important to have a positive attitude. A client could have one bad experience with the front desk, and never use the company's services again, so remember to be patient when things get stressful, and be willing to go above and beyond for clients and contacts to get things done.  

4. Perform Well Under Pressure

As every administrative professional will attest, problems will arise throughout the  day. In order to keep everything under control, it's important to be able to perform well in high stress situations. The best support staff know how to solve problems on the spot and work efficiently in a fast paced environment.  

5. Organization 

There is nothing more important than being organized. As an administrative professional, many tasks and assignments will come through during the day, staying organized with a list of things to do, is a helpful skill to have when working at the front desk. People rely on administrative professionals to be able to answer and solve their questions/problems quickly so it’s vital to have excellent organization skills.

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