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End-of-Year Checklist for Marketing Directors

If you are a marketing leader, you probably have a laundry list of things you need accomplish before year end. But what's realistic to achieve in the next 28 business days before the clock strikes midnight and 2020 arrives? These five things...

Review 2019 goals:  

If you had a 2019 marketing plan in place, evaluate what worked and what didn’t. What new strategies did you try? What investments did you make and did they provide a return? Which goals were realistic? What was a stretch? What made the most impact on the business? Spend time reflecting on the year to better goal-set for the year ahead. If you have a team, be sure to review the marketing plan with them to ensure they understand the part they played in achieving the goals.  

Audit all marketing materials and collateral, and review brand touchpoints:  

Too many marketers wait for the New Year to begin to audit collateral and brand touchpoints. Instead of starting off 2020 a step behind, do a thorough audit of all marketing materials now. Meet with leadership to ensure everyone is on the same page about what is needed for the year ahead, and what should be discontinued. Spend time mapping out and evaluating brand touchpoints. Are there any major gaps that can be improved for the year ahead? Discuss those ideas with stakeholders and spend time implementing the changes.  

Goal setting for 2020:  

Meet with stakeholders to understand the business goals for the year ahead. This may mean meeting with sales leaders, operations leaders, practice leaders, the CMO or CEO. What are they focused on in 2020? Increasing profitability? Growing a specific service line, increasing sales for a product, entering a new market? Once you understand their goals, you can craft an effective marketing plan to support those goals, or better yet, help achieve them. As much as possible, quantify marketing goals. For example, if a goal is to drive traffic to the website, how many views, how many conversions, how many new or returning users, etc. Keep in mind, marketing should be focused on the bottom line -  how can you drive revenue or generate cost savings?  

Evaluate the team:

Do you have the right players in place for a successful year ahead? Have you talked to HR about hiring needs and created job descriptions for open reqs?  If you have a team, meet with them individually to discuss their goals for 2020 and how you can help achieve them. Ask them to evaluate 2019 – what were their biggest successes? What projects did they enjoy the most or least and why?  

Share successes with stakeholders: 

Too often, marketing works in a vacuum and doesn’t showcase the value they bring to the business. Compile achievements from the year and discuss them with key stakeholders. How did marketing drive revenue? Generate cost savings? Increase brand awareness? Successfully launch in a new market? Save time to discuss their feedback - would they like to see something happen differently next year? What did they view as a success or failure?  

 If you are adding to your marketing team in 2020, we can help. Tell us about your hiring needs.