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Congratulations to the 2016 LaSalle Award Winners and Promotions!

Yesterday, we had our Q1 Kickoff Meeting where we discussed what happened in 2016 and what lies ahead for LaSalle. LaSallians love discussing goals – especially doing it at the Museum of Contemporary Art! Some of the top highlights of the night were the awards and promotions given to LaSallians who worked particularly hard in 2016 to crush their goals.



Congratulations to the LaSallians promoted below for their hard work and commitment to #GSD (…get sh*t done)!


promotions 1
(from left to right)


Angela Song: Senior Project Manager, Office Services

Kelly Ogle: Unit Manager, Supply Chain

Colby Loetz: Senior Project Manager, Accounting and Finance

Maddie Stough: Unit Manager, Human Resources Recruiting

Megan Trzcinski: Director, Office Services

Jason Rask: Manager, Strategy and Analytics


Congratulations to all the award winners! You inspire the rest of the company to work that much harder in 2017.


(from left to right)


Alan Jagnandan: Producer of the Year

Kevin Roeder: Producer of the Quarter

Kitty Brandtner: Sales Person of the Year


(from left to right)


Daveed Erikson: Researcher of the Year

Alex Marcell: Project Manager of the Year

Eric Alt: Internal Support Person of the Year

Kaylea Murphy: Rookie of the Year

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