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Congratulations to the 2015 LaSalle Award Winners!

Last week,we had our Q1 Kickoff Meeting where we discussed what happened in 2015 and what lies ahead for LaSalle. LaSallians love discussing goals - especially doing it in a room that was featured in the Dark Knight! - but the highlight of the night were the awards given to LaSallians who worked particularly hard in 2015 to crush their goals. Congratulations to all the award winners! You inspire the rest of the company to work that much harder in 2016.


Awards - Brock (10)

 Lisa Mosher

Branch Manager, Arlington Heights

When Lisa became a LaSallian in March, she hit the ground running. Under her guidance, our Arlington Heights office is growing every day and is bigger and better than ever. Congratulations, Lisa!


Awards - Brock (8)

Kelly Sweeney

Project Manager, Marketing

Kelly had the most placements in the company during Q4 of 2015, and she did it all with a great attitude and a smile.


Paul Wallenberg - Project Manager of the Year

Paul Wallenberg

Team Lead, Technology

In 2015, Paul proved he could still close business and take names, even after being promoted, taking on more responsibilities, and writing a killer guest blog.


Awards - Brock

Brock Prunty

Senior Researcher, Technology

LaSalle Network's Research team dedicates their time and energy to finding the best talent in the country, and nobody worked harder in 2015 to find the best than Brock. His secret? Legendary bow ties.


Awards - Brock

Michael Griffin

Business Development Manager

Bringing in the most new clients in LaSalle history and hitting all his goals was more than enough to make Michael Business Development Manager of the Year!

Awards - Brock (11)

Margaret Taylor

Project Manager, Office Services

Since joining LaSalle in March, Margaret has quickly become a huge part of our Office Services team and of our culture.



Every new LaSallian attends a week-long training during their first few months, where LaSalle executives and the management team teach them about the industry, recruiting techniques, and about our culture. After training is done, a Most Valuable Trainee is selected for each training class. The MVT earns their title by having a great attitude, working hard, and putting the training to use afterward!

Mike Talian - MVT

Mike Talian

Business Development Manager


Jenna Spathis - MVT

Jenna Spathis

Project Manager, Technology Services


Congratulations to you all, and here's to an even better 2016!