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Congrats to the Q4 & 2019 LaSalle Award Winners and Promotions!

At our Q1 2020 Kickoff meeting, we recapped 2019, saw what’s to come for the months and year ahead, and we celebrated exciting awards and promotions! Here are some LaSallians who worked especially hard to advance their careers and #GSD!


Q4 2019 Awards:

Congratulations to the Most Valuable Trainee(s), Anna Horton, Chloe Weiss, and Emma Thorbjornsen. These three excelled during our new-hire training with great attitudes, ready to jump in and learn from day 1!

The Producer of the Quarter went above and beyond to GSD! POQs earn their titles by having a great attitude, working hard, and being a true team player. Congrats, Jack!

2019 Awards:



Congratulations to these LaSallians who worked hard to advance their careers!

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