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Bringing Pokémon Go to Work

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Pokémon Go has taken a hold on the world. From creation in early July, it’s been downloaded over 40 million times worldwide, sky-rocketed Nintendo’s stock and ranked as the most profitable game on Google. Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve heard about the phenomenon on the news, received snaps/tweets from friends playing it and (probably most frequently) almost been run over by a fanatic on the sidewalk!

There is a lot to learn from these crazed fans to use in the workplace! If we all approached work the way Pokémon Go is played, we’d be happier, more successful and move quicker up the career ladder. Here’s how to implement The Pokémon Go approach in the office:




Gamers are so concentrated on this app that they walk into ditches or poles! This heads-down focus is often not merged into the work force. A recent Gallup study discovered that 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. Being engaged and passionate about what you do will make you happier at work AND help your company be successful. The same study showed that companies with engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. So next time you’re in the office, stop putting off projects by browsing through Instagram and concentrate on the work at hand. This focus will help you become an expert in your industry and advance your career faster.

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Pokémon Go players will travel anywhere/everywhere for the game, from the White House lawn to local gyms. Put this extra effort in your position: whether it’s sending personal thank you letters to top customers, traveling to visit a client off site or finishing a project for your manager days ahead of its deadline. This builds strong client/customer relationships and managers notice your enthusiasm for the role and company culture.

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Pokémon Go has allowed people to meet strangers outside of work, creating new friendships and even romantic relationships. It is important to incorporate this friendly interaction in the office. Go out of your way to know everyone’s name, grab coffee with new employees and always ALWAYS say good morning and good night. In doing this you’ll make new friends/mentors, learn more about the business and create a larger network of support… leading to a healthy and happy work environment!

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Without clear goals, there is no clear career path. The end goal of Pokémon Go is to catch ALL the Pokémon characters…. the quicker you catch, the more points you earn, the faster you rise in game levels. Make sure you create challenging and manageable goals at the start of each day, week, month and quarter. Set long term and short term goals and plan how to achieve them. The harder you work to complete these goals, the closer you’ll get to the next level of your career path!