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Top Jobs in Nashville

Nashville has added 38,000 new jobs annually for the past five years. Are you looking to make a change or start your career? Now’s the perfect time to explore new opportunities in the Music City. For an inside look at some of the best jobs out there, we’re sharing the hottest opportunities we’re recruiting for right now:

Payroll Specialist

Looking to get your foot in the door in accounting and finance? Becoming a payroll specialist is a great first step for your career. From gathering information on hours worked for each employee to calculating overtime, deductions, and bonuses, it’s essential for these professionals to have exceptional attention to detail. If you’re organized and passionate about helping businesses make accurate calculations, this is the job for you! Click here to apply today.

Fixed Assets Accountant

Fixed assets are long-term tangible pieces of property that organizations use to generate income, and it’s essential for the fixed asset accountant to record its impact on the business accurately. From reporting newly acquired fixed assets to keeping track of existing ones, expertise in numbers is key. These professionals know the ins and outs of accounting and calculating depreciation like the back of their hand, and play an essential role in helping organizations thrive. Interested in budgeting, auditing and tracking significant numbers in business? Apply today!

Outbound Customer Service Specialist

Are you enthusiastic, outgoing and eager to learn? A career in customer service may be calling your name. Outbound Customer Service Specialists play a crucial role in supporting the growth of organizations by directly working with customers over the phone. Helping customers daily, solving client needs and managing national accounts are a few ways these professionals positively impact the success of the team. If you’re looking to develop a long-term career, grow and develop within an organization, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Apply today!

Medical Collections Specialist

Healthcare brought 3,000 new jobs to Nashville in the last year. As the population in the city grows, good healthcare becomes even more vital. But it’s not just about what happens inside the doctor’s examination room. In fact, most new healthcare jobs aren’t medical roles that involve treating and caring for patients directly.  Customer service, office management, and administrative positions are imperative to the success of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Healthcare revenue cycle is like the circulatory system of healthcare, and medical collections specialists are an important part of that. These professionals help the practice run smoothly form behind-the-scenes. Click to apply!