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Best Blogs of 2016

It’s been a busy year at LaSalle Network: we hired more than 100 people, opened a new office, and helped more than 4,700 people find new jobs! As we reflect on the great year behind us, we wanted to highlight the best blogs from TGIM in 2016:


 1. 6 Factors Job Seekers Need to Know


Check out our infographic with insights from a CareerBuilder study of more than 4,500 workers.


 2. LaSallian's: Then and Now


For a real look into how much LaSalle has changed over the years... and how much we haven't!


 3. A Year at a Crain's Best Place to Work

A compilation of images of what we accomplished over the year as a winner of the Crain's Best Places to Work award. 


 4. 5 Questions Not to Ask During an Interview


Most of us know the importance of preparing questions to ask during an interview... but not all questions are good questions. 


 5. Celebrating 10 Years on the Inc 5000


A glimpse of what LaSalle's been up to for the past 10 years...


 6. How Parents Influenced Our Careers


To honor Parents Day, LaSalle employees reflected on the people who've made us the professionals we are today.


 7. December Grads: 5 Job-Hunting Tips


5 ways December grads can use the extra time they have post-graduation to advance their career.


 8. 5 Power Poses Your Career Needs

power pose

This phenomenon has become a bona fide strategy for boosting testosterone and confidence, especially for women.


 9. The 3 D's That Could Hurt Your Career


Women often downplay, deflect, or distract from their accomplishments. Find out why and how to stop.


 10. Your Guide to Behavioral Interviewing



A creative infographic to help job seekers understand behavioral interviewing questions and how to prepare for them.