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Why Micro-Reviews are the New Performance Reviews

Fifty-eight percent of managers feel performance reviews are not effective, and can we really be shocked? Annual appraisals not only make employees’ palms sweaty, but they may be bad for company productivity.

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Fall in Love with Fall! 5 Team Bonding Ideas for Autumn

Don’t succumb to post-summer sadness – it’s time to layer up and get excited for football, falling leaves, and all things pumpkin. There’s nothing better than fall in Chicago, and the change of

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7 Ways to Cope with the Burnout of a Top Performer

Top producers tend to know their ABC’s... After all, coffee is for closers…. We’re a sucker for a good Glengarry Glen Ross monologue…but what happens when your real life closer isn’t actually

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5 Tips for Newly Promoted Managers

You worked hard, stayed late and showed results, and now you’ve been promoted. You may have one person or a team of folks looking to you for direction…. And if you’re honest with yourself, you may

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6 Things to do in a New Hire's First Week

Just because a new hire accepted an offer, doesn’t mean they’re committed and invested. Their first week has a lot of influence on whether or not they choose to stay with the company. Beyond having

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How to Manage Your Security Risk on a Tight Budget

At this point, we’ve all heard the news about the global ransomware attack called #WannaCry. The attack left a lot of companies and both IT and business executives feeling vulnerable and susceptible

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5 Tips to Manage Remotely

Whether it’s an extended vacation or a permanent relocation, managers increasingly manage remotely. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to pulling this off. Regardless if it’s the company’s

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Leadership Tips from LaSalle Network’s Chief Revenue Officer, Maureen Hoersten

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Maureen Hoersten, started her career at LaSalle 14 years ago as an entry-level salesperson right out of college. During her tenure, Maureen has climbed the ranks learning

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4 Habits Every Manager Should Develop

Whether you are a first time manager, or someone with years of people leadership experience, you can always benefit from self-reflection, and you likely know there is always room for improvement. We’re

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6 Things to Consider When Your Employee Asks to Move Teams

Internal transfers are not a new phenomenon. Employees rotating to a different team within the organization happens often; however, it’s not always easy for managers to tell whether or not it’s the


LaSalle Network Launches Culture 20/20

Since LaSalle Network opened its doors in 1998, culture has been a priority, and today is one of our competitive advantages. Our culture is the engine that has fueled our year over year organic revenue

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Take it Outside! 5 Team Building Ideas for the Warm Weather

With spring here, everyone is ready to soak up the nice weather. This is a good opportunity to shake up your next team building activity and make sure your employees are staying motivated. These are five

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