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How to Gauge Culture Fit in a Virtual Interview

View our open positions here.   When candidates were able to go into offices for the job interview, they could see and feel the company’s culture first-hand. In today’s virtual world with

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10 Interview Questions to Ask Every Cybersecurity Professional

LaSalle Network recently hosted a panel discussion on ethical hacking and the six-stage process ethical hackers go through to find exploitable vulnerabilities, and what to do about it.  Panelists

5 Questions to Uncover a Company's Culture

If you’re up for changing careers or just plain job hunting in the New Year, check out career opportunities here. 


5 Questions Not to Ask During an Interview

During a job search, most of us know the importance of preparing questions to ask during an interview….but not all questions are good questions. Avoid the following questions that could rub a hiring

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The Interview Prep Advice You Aren’t Getting

We know what you’re probably thinking: I know how to prepare for an interview. I Google the company, I prepare a few questions, and I spend 5-8 minutes pumping myself up in the mirror. Everyone does

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How to Answer: “How many golf balls are there in Florida?” and 4 Other Brainteasers

As a job seeker, you do your research and plan ahead how to answer common questions many hiring managers ask like, “What’s your biggest strength?” or “Why do you want to work here?” But then

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