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2020 LaSalle Award Winners

This August marks 22 years in business! Each year we celebrate this event (which we refer to as LaSallemas) by giving out two annual awards: “Making It Happen” and “LaSallian of the

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What is Diversity in the Workplace?

Recently, throughout a series of nationwide protests regarding racial inequality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a renewed attention has been focused on diversity and inclusion. While

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The End of Company Culture

As we look toward the future of work, it’s clear the environment of many offices will change significantly, perhaps forever. While preparing to return to the workplace in the new normal, it

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5 Ways Work Will Change Post-Pandemic

As states across the country slowly begin to reopen, organizations have begun to consider how they will bring their workforce back to the physical office, and what the new normal of work will look like

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WBBM Newsradio: Will Open Office Plans be a Thing of the Past?

Inc. magazine: 5 Ways to Maintain Culture and Lead Employees Virtually Through COVID-19

As part of his column for, Tom Gimbel, shares how leaders can motivate employees and keep teams productive as they work virtually. Read more here.    

WGN Radio: Noon Business Lunch with Ji Suk Yi - Maintaining Culture Virtually

WBBM Newsradio 780AM: How to Maintain Company Culture Virtually



The #1 Thing Interviews Miss

After attracting a great pool of candidates, it’s time to decide if they’re the right addition to the company. Putting in the time to assess culture fit not only strengthens companies internally, but

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7 Tips For Attracting and Retaining Great Talent

Our Chief Human Resources Officer, Sirmara Campbell, joined a panel hosted by the Daily Herald Business Ledger on attracting and retaining great talent. The conversation looked across generations, company

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5 Tips to Manage Virtually

Whether it’s an extended vacation or a permanent relocation, managers increasingly manage remotely. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to pulling this off. Regardless if it’s the company’s

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6 Ways to Build a Learning Culture on Your Team

90% of organizations do not have a learning culture on their team, and it’s killing their growth. A Bersin study shows that the strength of an organization’s learning culture is the “single biggest

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