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7 Tips For Attracting and Retaining Great Talent

Our Chief Human Resources Officer, Sirmara Campbell, joined a panel hosted by the Daily Herald Business Ledger on attracting and retaining great talent. The conversation looked across generations, company

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6 Ways to Celebrate a New Hire on Their First Day

Did your first day at work involve balloons? Were there streamers, signs, music, celebration, speeches, and a parade? Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. But at LaSalle Network, we think every new

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6 Ways to Build a Learning Culture on Your Team

90% of organizations do not have a learning culture on their team, and it’s killing their growth. A Bersin study shows that the strength of an organization’s learning culture is the “single biggest

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Why Micro-Reviews are the New Performance Reviews

Fifty-eight percent of managers feel performance reviews are not effective, and can we really be shocked? Annual appraisals not only make employees’ palms sweaty, but they may be bad for company productivity.

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Is Work-Life Balance a Total Myth?

On average, we spend 90,000 hours, or 1/3 of our lives at work. How can we say we need work life balance when a huge portion of life is work? The fact is, “life” is way more complex than “not-working,”

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Proof Philanthropy Creates ROI

It’s no secret that doing good feels good. For those with a big heart, the desire to give naturally extends to the office. Whether you call it philanthropy, volunteering or corporate social responsibility,

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When Thanksgiving Becomes Thanksliving

Tonight, we're celebrating our fifth annual Thanksliving, which brings all LaSallians together for a delicious meal of turkey and stuffing to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. We share great food

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Fall in Love with Fall! 5 Team Bonding Ideas for Autumn

Don’t succumb to post-summer sadness – it’s time to layer up and get excited for football, falling leaves, and all things pumpkin. There’s nothing better than fall in Chicago, and the change of

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2017 LaSallian of the Year

At LaSalle, we have three big annual awards: Producer of the Year, Making it Happen, and LaSallian of the Year. LaSallian of the Year is awarded to the person who best represents what LaSalle Network is

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2017 Making it Happen: Kevin Roeder

At LaSallemas, two of our annual awards were announced: LaSallian of the Year and Making It Happen. Making It Happen is awarded to a LaSallian who not only produced incredible results over the past year,

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The Greatest Time of the Year

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary with a week-long celebration called LaSallemas, because it’s like Christmas in August! LaSallemas week came and went too quickly, and just like that… LaSalle

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Celebrating 11 Consecutive Years on the Inc. 5000! [INFOGRAPHIC]