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7 Steps to Recruit and Onboard Supply Chain Talent

Since the very start of the spread, COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains and distribution on a global level. From empty grocery store shelves to toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages, supply chain disruptions

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4 Questions to Consider Before You Give a Counter Offer

With the recent rise in unemployment rates across the U.S., there undoubtedly has been an expanded talent pool to hire from; however, many aren't the right fit for the open roles companies are hiring

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Managing While Quarantined: Tips to Lead A Virtual Team

Local government advisories for companies to work remotely has resulted in many managers leading remote teams for the first time. Virtual teams can be a challenge to manage, especially in the midst

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3 Ways to Win Over Top Technology Talent

LaSalle Network’s team specializing in recruiting for the technology sector has gathered insights into what technologists of various specializations are now seeking in their next company and

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Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Bias is a part of a natural brain function that each person develops while growing up to learn, categorize and predict patterns. Though most of us have difficulty accepting or acknowledging it,

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Accept a Counter Offer

Your heart is pounding as you walk into your boss’s office, resignation letter in hand. As you share the news that you’re moving on to another company, you’re surprised to hear your manager offer

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12 Ways to Promote Inclusion in Today’s Workplace

In·clu·sion  The act of including: the state of being included  To take in or comprise as a part of a whole or group  Recently, throughout a series of nationwide protests regarding racial

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Return to the Office: Welcoming Employees Back

With cities reopening across the U.S., many offices have begun to reopen, too. However, with news of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, among the biggest challenges leaders face is managing employees’ mental

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What is Diversity in the Workplace?

Recently, throughout a series of nationwide protests regarding racial inequality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a renewed attention has been focused on diversity and inclusion. While

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5 Secrets to Staying Focused this Summer

As staying outdoors becomes more and more tempting with summer officially here, it can be harder to stay focused during the workday. However, these 5 things can help keep you on track while enjoying the

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5 Surprising New Interview Questions Post Quarantine

Slowly, the world will settle into a new normal. Citizens will follow government guidelines for phasing back into work and everyday life. Hopefully, the employees who were furloughed during this period

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Return to the Office: Training & Reorientation

As cities begin to reopen and companies plan for work in the new normal, consider how to prepare employees for the changes to come. Whether it be changes to the physical office space, policies, or adjustments

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