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How a “Company that Cares” Gives Back

We are honored to be named to People Magazine’s 2021 “Companies that Care” list, which celebrates top American companies that not only have succeeded in business, but demonstrate outstanding respect,

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Your Pre-Vacation Checklist

As we rush to set up our out-of-office (OOO), there are some things professionals can and should do before leaving for an extended weekend or time away to set themselves up for success when they return...because

6 Ways to Use Travel to Grow Your Career

While taking a vacation or a long weekend, your career may be the last thing on your mind. However, there are key ways to use this time to your advantage in work and in life. Here’s how to use time off

3 Ways to Evaluate Today’s Turnover Trends

In our latest report, we share the 5 pillars of a strong company culture and how they can act as strong retention tools. Download the full report, Retaining Talent in Today’s Great Resignation: 5 Pillars

6 Ways to Celebrate a New Hire on Their First Day

Do first days at work involve balloons? Maybe streamers, signs, music, celebration, speeches, and a parade? Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. But at LaSalle Network, we think every new hire’s

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The Great Regret: How to Ask for Your Old Job Back

In 2021, 47.4 million people quit their jobs as a part of the ‘Great Resignation.’ As this trend continues, an estimated 23% of American workers are reportedly continuing to look for new jobs in 2022.

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4 Steps to Excel in the Second Half of the Year

We’re halfway through the year; are we halfway to annual goals? Rather than giving up, saying “better luck next year,” and moving on, now is the time to reframe, refocus, and create a plan to tackle

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6 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

Emotional intelligence and displaying empathy for employees, especially during times of stress, is an important aspect of creating a strong company culture. Every company culture is different, and

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Moving on Up: LaSalle’s Recent Promotions & Award Winners

We believe that celebrating successes, recognizing LaSallians, and mapping out goals for continued growth are essential to both individual and group development. At our companywide Q3 Kick Off meeting,

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How Three Top Workplaces Built Impactful DEI Programs

We recently hosted a virtual panel discussion on how companies can strengthen their DEI programs and best support their people, featuring Ferrara’s Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Natasha

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