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4 Questions to Consider Before You Give a Counter Offer

With the recent rise in unemployment rates across the U.S., there undoubtedly has been an expanded talent pool to hire from; however, many aren't the right fit for the open roles companies are hiring

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WGN News: Office Re-Entry Considerations

How to Keep Networks Secure in a Hybrid Workforce

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in the recent ransomware attack on more than 60 members of Congress and on the Colonial Pipeline, which provides nearly half of the East Coast’s gasoline,

5 Lessons from Companies That Have Started Office Re-Entry

This week, we hosted a conversation about office re-entry and the obstacles and opportunities companies have faced when bringing employees back into the office – hearing from companies that have began

6 Ways to Grow Your Career this Memorial Day

Between barbecues, time with family or friends and soaking up the warm weather this Memorial Day, your career may be the last thing on your mind. However, there are key ways to use this time to your advantage

Office Re-Entry: Strategies for Strong Leaders

LaSalle Network is hosting a series of virtual events regarding office re-entry trends, challenges, and successes. To register for the second installment of our Office Re-Entry virtual series on July 15,

CNBC Squawk Box - Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Workforce

Office Re-Entry: Who to Bring Back First

According to a recent LaSalle Network survey of CEOs, COOs, and heads of HR and finance, a majority of companies plan to bring employees back into the office by Fall 2021 with 70% reporting they

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How CFOs Impact the Post-Pandemic Workforce

According to a recent LaSalle Network survey to CEOs, COOs, and heads of HR and finance, a majority of companies plan to bring employees back to the office by fall 2021. While considering how

CNBC Squawk Box: Hiring Strategies Among Labor Shortage

Return to the Office: Welcoming Employees Back

According to a recent LaSalle Network survey, a majority of companies plan to have employees back in the office by fall 2021, with 70% reporting they planned to phase employees back into the office slowly,

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3 Reasons Remote Work Won't Last

The last year, deemed by some as “The Great Remote Work Experiment,” has led major companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and more to announce working from home would be a permanent