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7 Resources You Need When You Change Careers

As the seasons change and the air gets colder, many people are making changes, too. After spending years pursuing one career path, they may discover they aren’t doing the work they really love. They decide to change careers to explore a new “dream job.”

Changing careers is challenging and can demand a lot of effort, initiative, and perseverance. When starting this process, it can be helpful to hear about other people’s experiences, and learn from their mistakes or successes.

So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite articles, blogs, and websites about changing careers:



Inc. Magazine is a successful publication covering business, growth, technology, and much more. publishes hundreds of posts a day on their site, including countless of articles from thought leaders about professional development. Here are several of our favorite articles about changing careers:




Careerealism offers career and job search advice to people at a range of points in their career development, but they also include a “Career Change” category that features articles about navigating the job search when you’re changing. They offer advice about dealing with anxiety during the job search as well as ideas of entry-level jobs for different industries you may be interested in.

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CareerBuilder is a great site that professionals can use for searching available job openings, but the site also offers resources and advice for job seekers, including for career changers. Check out all the information they offer, as well as their blog The Hiring Site.

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Fast Company is a business magazine that covers design, innovation, business, and career development. They have several useful resources for career changers, including an engaging video titled “Can You Handle a Career Change?”

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Monster is a popular job search site, but they also provide advice and tips for professionals who are considering changing careers. Their articles are quick to read and each includes at least one tangible tip you can use immediately.

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Fortune recently asked their Leadership Insider network the question, “What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to change careers?” and nine leaders and executives answered, offering their wisdom on whether it’s worth the risk, what career changers need to know, and tips for navigating the transition.

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The Muse is a great site for engaging and helpful career advice and job search tips, including how to talk about a career change and how professionals can tell if they’re really ready to change. Start in their “Career Changes” section, but make sure to browse their “Tools & Skills” section as well as the “Job Search section.

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