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7 Career Lessons Game 7 Taught Us

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They’ve done it! The Cubs have won the World Series after an 108 year drought. Apply these lessons from the game last night to succeed in your career:

1. Don’t Give Up

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The Cubs have been waiting since 1908 to win the World Series. They never gave up, even after they lost the lead last night when the Indian’s hit a game-tying homer! Similar with your career, whether you’re waiting for that promotion or a deal to come in, be patient and don’t rush it. Take the time to create the best work; it will make the ‘win’ that much better in the end!

2. Don’t Get Cocky

Even with the Cubs leading 6-3, the Indians came back in the 8th inning to tie the game. Don’t let early success go to your head, arrogance can destroy a career! Be confident AND humble. Celebrate the wins, while continuously learning and adjusting along the ride.

3. Don’t Buckle Under Pressure

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One reason Maddon chose pitcher Kyle Hendrick to start Game 7 was for “the slow heartbeat.” Hendrick has the incredible ability to control his emotions during pressure-filled situations, and to throw effective pitches inning after inning. View pressure as a positive; it means there’s something amazing you’re about to accomplish!

4. Recognize When to Make a Change

As the Cub’s manager, it’s Maddon’s responsibility to know his players, their abilities and their limits intimately so he can make the right decision in the moment. He did it last night in the 5th inning when he brought in relief pitcher Jon Lester. Be your own manager. Know your limits, your abilities and when you are starting to become worn out, bored or uninspired at work. When this happens, you need to respond in a fast and efficient way to ensure it doesn’t hinder your career or the project at hand.



5. Find a Routine that Works for You

Closing pitcher Chapman requires an entire inning to warm up before ending the game and every Cubs player listens to a specific walk-up song before they go to bat. Whether it’s reading the newspaper every morning or creating a to-do list every evening for the next day, it’s important to establish regular routines to create the right mindset for the workday. Healthy habits increase productivity and energy to tackle that hard project or hit that home run.

6. Rally Together

During the rain delay (with the score tied 6-6), right fielder Jason Heyward called a team meeting where the Cubs began to cheer each other on, yelling “this is only going to make the win sweeter, let’s grind and stick together, here we go boys!” They didn’t blame each other for mistakes made on the field, but instead, rallied together to get the W. Don't underestimate the importance of tapping into your team for inspiration or motivation when you feel a slump coming.

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7. Be Thankful for the Support

Yesterday, Cubs fans lined up outside Wrigleyville bars at 5:30am, stayed up until 4am celebrating, and then crowded in the street at 6am to welcome the team home. The Cubs know they have amazing fans and do a great job showing appreciation with tribute videos and signs. THANK those influential people (family, coworkers, managers, mentors) in your life that have helped in your career: whether it’s a coworker that stayed late to assist you with a project or a boss that helped you earn a promotion.