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5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Job Search Over the Holidays

People often think the holidays are a bad time to job search because less people are in the office. Instead of using that as an excuse to fly under the radar and hibernate, here are 5 reasons now is the best time to take charge in your job search:

1. Less Competition

Many job seekers are focused on family and friends during the holidays… meaning fewer applicants to compete against. Capitalize on this and double that job-searching effort!

2. Holiday Parties

According to CBS News, 80 percent of companies hosted holiday parties last year.

Take advantage of stepping away from the computer and connecting with people face-to-face. Ask your friends/family if you can be added to their company’s holiday party guest list. It’s an opportunity to make it known you’re looking and find out who’s hiring.

3. Ideal Follow-Up Period

Typically, it’s hard to reach HR decision-makers about a specific position. However, during the holidays many administrative staff members have time off, meaning less people to go through to get your call to the right person. Take advantage of the gatekeepers being out-of-the-office; call the company and ask for the hiring manager directly... you may get lucky!

4. Hiring Seasonal Help

3 out of 4 seasonal jobs have the potential to turn into something permanent.

Macy’s, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and Target are just a couple of companies hiring THOUSANDS of seasonal employees. Don’t shy away from applying to these in-demand positions; they can lead to good connections and have the potential to turn into full-time roles.

5. Holiday Cards

The holiday season gives you the perfect excuse to reconnect with past professional contacts by sending them a holiday card or email to get back in touch.