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4 Ways to Build Employee Brand Advocates

Who are your biggest brand advocates? Employees can be.... if you treat them right!

ways to turn employees into brand advocates


Take your brand to the next level- use these suggestions to turn staff into the best brand advocates you could ask for:


1. Make it Easy

Staff should ALWAYS be equipped with shareable content. Create a system that gives your employees ready-made content to promote with their networks. For example, IBM created an internal hub where employees could find six pieces of social media content every day to choose from and share.


2. Spread the Social Love

turn employees into brand advocates


Return the favor! Retweet, share, and comment on your staff's social media. Find out where their interests align with the company’s. It conveys a strong employee-employer relationship that continues outside the office doors.


rebirthday brand advocates


3. Keep it Real

Employees live the company culture every day; there is no one better to showoff the brand authentically. Spotlight the top performers and culture-givers-- tell their stories and what they love about working at the company.  Allow your audience (and interested job seekers) a glimpse into the lives of potential future co-workers.


employee brand advocate guest blog


4. Shake Things Up

If employees are contributing to the content, they’ll be more willing to share it! Give staff the opportunity to take over the company's social media account from time to time.  Whether it’s an Instagram takeover or a guest blog, it gets people excited about the brand, conveys a sense of humor, portrays the company culture, and makes the most authentic content.