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4 Tips to Recruit the Class of 2018

They’re tech savvy. They’re smart. They’re the next generation. But do you know what they’re looking for? As graduation quickly approaches, this class of Generation Z is hungry to throw their caps in the air and start their careers. If you’re looking to hire recent college grads, here are some tips on how to recruit the best of this class:

Utilize Universities

80% of 2018 grads use networking in their job search. Career fair season may be over, but universities still provide plenty of opportunity to connect with recent graduates. For instance, alumni groups can be a great resource to reach out to. Consider contacting alumni associations to get a list of events or offer to host one. You may offer resume advice or host mock interview sessions to build relationships with the students you meet.

These face-to-face connections will provide memorable first impressions that give potential candidates a personal touch and a pulse for your company that goes beyond a job description.

Get Social

Gen Z’ers are digital natives. Its members are shaped by technology and the power of information in the palm of their hands, including insight on brands. According to Hootsuite, they are 59% more likely to connect with businesses on social media. These social (media) butterflies use it not only in their personal lives, but in their job search.

Take advantage of social media tools to help tell your brand story and highlight your culture. Spotlight people who got promoted or received an internal accolade. Post pictures of philanthropic involvement, the office environment and team outings. If your company has won awards, brag about them!

Showcase your Growth

Anticipate an eagerness to advance from this class. 76% of the class of 2018 state opportunity for growth as their most important factor when evaluating future roles. Although it may be jarring to hear a candidate speak about their desire to get promoted before they even have a job, don’t let it rub you wrong.

Recent graduates are future focused and keen on growth. Be prepared to discuss career paths for the position and showcase promotability within your organization.

Highlight your Culture

Company culture is top of mind for recent graduates. 64% of the class of 2018 ranked company culture as the most important factor when evaluating a company. These grads are seeking something special, so illustrate your culture clearly. In the interview, consider giving a tour of the office so candidates can get a feel for the environment. Introduce them to potential team members so they can begin building relationships. And if it makes sense, invite them to a team outing or happy hour.

If you’d like to give the candidate an even deeper look at your culture, consider conducting a working interview. This will allow the interviewee to fully immerse themselves in your organization for the day. It allows you to evaluate the candidate’s skills and how they gel with the team while diving in to the environment.


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