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4 Tips on Having a Less Stressful 2020

We all will encounter stress; it's inevitable. However, there are certain ways to help you better manage and prevent it in the year ahead:

Reflect on this year’s stress. Before you can manage stress, it’s essential to figure out what causes you stress and anxiety in the first place. It’s different for every individual…do you feel it the most during a certain time of year? Working on deadlines or specific projects? When you need to have certain conversations? Interacting with specific people? Take time to reflect. Think about the past year and times of stress. What was the root cause?  

Think about what worked before. In 2019, you likely overcame a number of stressful situations. How did you cope, and when did you feel relief? What caused that relief? Research shows that repeating what works is effective in creating productive habits. Determine what stress management techniques you used….was it communication? Execution? Planning?  Meditation or exercise? Try to pinpoint a few ways you overcame stress, and write those down to reference in the year ahead.  

Differentiate between good stress and bad stress. Studies show that ongoing, chronic stress can lead to mental health issues and cardiovascular diseases like heart diseases and high blood pressure. However, not all stress is bad stress. According to Psychology Today, “stress keeps us accountable for our actions. It motivates us and inspires us to be better citizens.” Be honest with yourself – are you experiencing good or bad stress at work, and what’s the result of that stress?  

Realize stress is about perception. Psychology Today explains that, “stress is a perceived disconnect between a situation and our resources to deal with the situation. In other words, stress is a (real or imagined) threat that taxes our resources. The key word here is perceived. Stress does not always arise from an actual threat; but if we perceive it to be a threat, then it's a threat.” If we can change our perception, or give ourselves perspective, it can help mitigate and manage stress.  

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